Sunday, October 10, 2010

Revisiting the Phoenix Lights

Some speakers give us a closer insight into what happened back in 1997 with the Phoenix Lights
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Anonymous said...

this man say's are we alone in this galaxy and this will be the core of his presentaion as such...well i think the question he should have said is are extraterrestrials visiting this planet as 99% of people on this planet know that extraterrestrial life exists in the galaxy/universe.

anyone that has not seen this real life documentary on ariel phenomena should watch it now as this is the most fact based materiel you will ever see as of this date. it is called the portal hessdalen. scientists have studied this now for a fare few years and i have to say that this will enlighten you people in the science of which is happening to this day on the phenomena of unidentified ariel phenomena a must see..... link.

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