Thursday, October 14, 2010

More videos of the Ufos over New York 13th October 2010 - FAA says planes?

Ok apparently the official explanation for this is that some radar tower broke in New York which is meant to result in numerous planes circling around .. but i totally don't buy this at all - I mean do these lights look like planes to you? There is an obvious triangle type formation going on here.They are too large and the triangle formations are too wide to be lanterns tied together by ropes right? I would like your feedback on this. Especially like to hear directly from some New Yorkers who were there on the scene..This is a story in progress...
FAA report: Flights at New York City's three major area airports are facing delays following the evacuation of the Federal Aviation Administration's radar facility, which handles all arrivals and departures.
FAA spokesman Jim Peters says the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control in Westbury was evacuated as a precaution after the smell of gas was reported at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. A handful of air traffic controllers remained behind.
He says other staff members were cleared to return about an hour later.
But he says the evacuation led to residual delays at LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark airports. Source
Was it no co-incidence the radar terminal was evacuated?
 Do commercial planes fly around in triangle type formations like this ?:

Video footage from Live Cam capture of the Manhattan area:

More footage:

The story making the main stream Media :
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Anonymous said...

They are still seeing them there today 10/14

Hieronymus Braintree said...

The lights in the video really might be planes. With three major airports clustered within 10 to 30 miles of each other (four if you count Teterboro), you're going to have a lot of cross traffic. I've been on planes that have shot right up the Hudson in and out of LaGuardia while giving Newark wide berth which would account for the path of one of the objects. Then there are the tourist helicopters. I would have preferred decent shots of the fleet of moving stars. Interesting video, though.

Push Back said...

Shoot them down , it's the only way to prove any thing. It is interesting that no planes of any type , military , commercial , or private go up to get videos.

Anonymous said...

though i am an avid believer, it is possible that these are planes.
i live near jfk airport and it is common to see planes in this formation all at different distances in line for landing, one right after the other. just a possibility.

onlyificouldspell said...

Kill them so they may live!
Then play nice--right--

Anonymous said...

planes my ass ! planes do not fly around like these things do i live 10km from a large military airforce base and planes that circle around there looks nothing like this.

Anonymous said...

If these were actually planes, you would see a light flicker, of the Red, Green, and White lights that all aircraft have... Seeing as this wasn't present (even in such low-quality film, you would see the Green and/or Red at some point) I believe these weren't civilian aircraft. Military/Government Official aircraft could be what we see, but why would they have their presence be so obvious, especially over a high populated area such as New York? And, does it not strike you as "odd" when the RADAR tower was evacuated due to "gas"? I think that is a cover-up by either the FAA or the US Government. I also don't think anyone stayed in the tower, but instead were replaced by Government Officials who had the authority to moniter such UFO activity... Just some of my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking that camera since the 13th and have seen similar lights, all night, every night. OMG it's an invasion!!

Or, they are airplanes, which anyone who lives in NY could have already told you.

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