Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ufos spotted on live cam over Golden Gate Bridge san francisco 13th October 2010

Apparently over 130 people who were looking at this live cam last night all saw this amazing Ufo sighting over the Golden Gate Bridge unfold in front of their eyes. The two bright orbs seem to move quickly away from themselves and then get closer!
We would like to hear from anyone who watched the live broadcast. Also if you were in the Golden Gate/ San Fran area last night and actually saw this yourself we would like to hear from you as a reply to this post.
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Anonymous said...

Mufon report from SF on same date in the evening. See

Case Number: 25868
Log Number: US-10142010-0001
Submitted Date: 2010-10-14 00:05 GMT
Event Date: 2010-10-13 00:00 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: San Francisco
Region: California
Country: US
Longitude: -122.4194155
Latitude: 37.7749295
Shape: Fireball,Sphere
Description: coming down 24th street west northwest quite obvious and shining brilliantly in a very clear night sky directly in front of us were the three orbs.I asked my girlfriend "do you see those orbs in the sky??"she said yes and dont start up about ufo's.well what the hell are they then I said??they were occillating and the color of them was a deep orange,they were arranged in a slight curve with a good distance between each of them.I pulled over and got out my binoculars and looked at them,through the glasses I saw that they were actually going through color changes I couldnt detect with my naked eye,from orange to red to yellow then green.well,then one split and I mean moved out like here then gone,like a tracer bullet,it went north,then another split west and one remained there in the sky but went higher in the sky and remained stationary.we then went home.

Media: None

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was driving over the bey bridge and my entire family and I saw these three flying objects directly from our car. They were flashing a VERY bright white light and then dissapeared into the dark only to reappear again with the bright light. The light seemed to cover the entire object but my sister and I saw that it looked somewhat like an airplane of some sort (not the king that flies for airlines) but it was weird. There were three of them flying in a straight line and extremely fast, so we don't know if it could also be a military plane or not.

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