Friday, October 15, 2010

Numerous Ufo reports still coming in - Please submit photos


Its seems that New York may not have been the only place where significant Ufo sightings occurred  over the last few days. I have received emails and reports from numerous areas around the world. In particular we received news of a large triangle Ufo craft being spotted over Puerto Rico and Nairobi in Kenya around the 14th of October. I intend to have news on these recent sightings shortly.

If you have recent Ufos photos you may email them to directly to RealUfos here

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Anonymous said...

Here is a UFO reported by CBC (Canada's National Network) from end of September;

Anonymous said...

I saw the lights. I watched them on the corner fo 23rd Ave and 8th Street from about 12.30 until around 1.30. They hovered in that time in pretty much the same spot. At about 1.15 an NYPD helicopter fly in from the west and flew over our heads and circled for a little while, I guess checking out the lights, before it flew off. Then the really odd bit, which as yet ive not seen reported anywhere but which I and many other people stood on the corner of 23rd and 8th saw with our own eyes. At about 1.20pm what looked like a fighter jet came shooting across the sky from the west. It flew like a fighter jet and looked like a fighter jet except, the back of it seemed to have a glowing rectangle and it was more triangle shaped. It flew into view, high in the sky, probably about as high as the lights, then circled them for a while before... and this is still hard for me to believe I saw it... it disappeared into what was a clear blue sky. At first I thought it must have gone behind a cloud, but there were no clouds. It just vanished. The lights stayed there all day and when the sun went down they were still there. One in particular was very bright and appeared to have blue lights at either side of it. It was videoed on one of the new channels. Considering this all happened in New York, in the middle of the day and was witnessed by hundrads of people I cannot believe it has not been reported on more?!!! I know what I saw and I have absolutely no explanation for it.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous;...[who had seen the three lights, with what looked like a fighter jet,come into view & circled around the 3 lights for a while before it just, disappeared into what was a blue sky!]

I had heard, that there has been experiment on:...."Invisibility for stealth".....but come's as a surprise when you, and others just see it vanish!....or maybe something else was going on!?
Interesting report!.......

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