Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Planet Found - Tyche

Researchers may have discovered a new planet called Tyche four times the size of Jupiter on the edge of our solar system.
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Anonymous said...

What can ya say, when they find a planet four times the size of Tiki?

There go's the neighbourhood!

"Tiki" four times the size of Jupiter!? thats BIG!

If I remember right,Earth will fit into one of -"Jupiters storms"- two times or twice if you will!
That makes our home planet, Earth, look very small,but thats our home.

pigsbladders said...

This is misleading, a new planet has not been discovered, John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from University of Louisiana have been theorizing that this planet exists since the 1980's and they are still no closer to proving its existence. Even Whitmire and Matese have stated that they have there doubts about its existence

molumen said...

1 - it's not Tiki, it's Tyche.
2 - it's 1999 news, and we're in 2011 already.
3 - it's still just a theory that only partly explains the seemingly ordered origin of long-period comets.

Please do some research before posting stuff like that, RealUFO's lack of credibility doesn't make any good to the whole UFO community...

Anonymous said...

Duh... it's Tyche, not "Tiki"... says so right on screen.

uridium said...

so, thats not an UFO

Anonymous said...

The actual news is that they will make first announcements about what they have found in the WISE data in april. But it will take about a year for them to analyze all the data.

Anonymous said...

So, whats going on Matt?

Is it Tiki or Tyche??
are you rushed off your feet again?

I think the point here is, has a new Planet "Tyche" been found or not!?....?
There seems to be some doubt here!!

Anonymous said...

there are more than 50 millions planets only in our galaxy.
will you publish a post for every one of it?

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