Saturday, February 26, 2011

UFO Cloud Surfs Over Hawaii For 1 Hour? webcam February 25, 2011

Captured from a live cam website this footage shows a very strange bright blue light in the clouds over Hawaii yesterday. If you live in Hawaii we would like to hear from you if you noticed these weird clouds as well - what was going on?

Posters comments:
Mew, February 24th @ midnightish - February 25th
The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
By far the kewlest webcam I have found that showcases the sky in HD quality with no obtrusions or shame. Also check out the other 4 webcams they have there. They archive every day in-depth (See the time-lapse videos by hour or day or whatev). This I find particularly PiMP of them to do, as there is no need for me to consume my own harddrive with the images.. You can simply check on the cams latest archived vids...
Yes, as you see - it's pretty badass :p The "cloudcam" shows the space in between the lower layer of clouds and, apparently, a higher layer of clouds. Wherein hella cool weather shit goes on. I don't know the proper terminology, sumthin like that thar tropospherez n whathaveyou.
"The veil is thin on the Big Island..." some guest on C2C recently... o.O forget what his name was.
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