Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Triangle Ufo over CLEADON SOUTH SHIELDS UK 17th Feb 2011

Filmed over CLEADON SOUTH SHIELDS in the UK , i was wondering if anyone else in that area also spotted these triangular ufo lights? If so please respond to this post.
Could it possibly be a LED kite?
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Anonymous said...

So what do we see in this video?

We can see three lights. Three small lights in the darkness. Two pale ones, and one red.

And if you see three lights they will always build a triangle. It ist not told that this triangle has to be a solid craft. We must ask and know what these lights are about. As soon as we do not know this, we can not say that this is of an extraterrestrial origin.

So please - stay realistic!

Michael said...

I hate to be this guy, but again, the quality is too low to even tell what i'm looking at. You can't even tell if you're looking in the sky. He could be pointing his camera anywhere. Honestly, i could go outside right now, and film a parked running cars tail lights, with an orange street light above it on my iphone 3gs, and the resolution would be so bad you wouldn't be able to tell where i had the camera pointed, it'd just look like 3 lights in the darkness.

foxy said...

i dont think its kites, as it would be huge if its just one, and 3 in formation would be moving in the gusts and not holding formation even if fixed by a lines or carbon fibre/glass fibre to hold form and flown by 3 people

Anonymous said...

this is actually my video which i posted under the name superbigtoe22.when i filmed it on the 17th feb it was actually a genuine unknown to me as its size and shape kind of took me by surprise.after a little research and a few days to think about it i think its possibly a large ship 2 or 3 miles out to sea.the spot i filmed from is about 1.6 miles from the coast and at an elevation of 163 foot above sea for the bad quality it should be viewed in 1080p as the conversion to lower res by youtube was not favourable. i must admit it had me scratching my head for a while .

Anonymous said...

These are likely not a solid craft but three "lights" flying in formation. As similar vids are posted from literally all over the world, either there are multiple hoaxers or they are the real thing - UFOs, not necessarily aliens.

Anonymous said...

This event can be seen all over the world, for sure we are not alone. It seems like we are being observed and they are mapping the entire planet, ready for the next step.
We are such a primitive race, too busy exploiting and killing each other, we deserve to be colonized.

Anonymous said...

I live in South Shields and there have been several sightings of UFOs very similar to this. Mainly around Cleadon which is mainly farm land and from Lizard Lane, a hilly nature reserve overlooking the ocean. It may seem nothing but both areas have an uneasy feel to them and strange lights can been seen frequently.

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