Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ufo blue lights over Austin Texas 19th Feb 2011

Blue lights were recorded hovering in the night sky over northwest Austin, Texas on 19th February 2011.

Ohh and another interesting video out from Texas - but likely the international Space Station, filmed on the 17th Feb 2011 - what are your thoughts on this video?
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Eberhard said...

I dont know how much the camera intensifies the light in the nightmode, otherwise it seems to bright to be the ISS.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the video from Autin, TX is the ISS?

Michael said...

Lens flare on the camera can cause lights to appear more illuminated than they actually are. W/this level of quality the camera might not pick up any small strobing lights (referring to the 1st vid). I took a shot of a helicopter flying over on my iPhone (which has horrible resolution in the dark)just for shits and giggles, & it only picked up the brighter fixed lights, and probly could have passed for a UFO video. The 2nd video is interesting though. A couple questions. 1. why does it appear that you'r hiding underneath a bush while filming? 2. does it seem to any1 else that the limbs of this tree or bush don't block out the object? I mean i know if the object was illuminated enough and the branches were very thin it could create that optical illusion that causes it to look that way, but it seems to travel in front of even the thicker branches...?

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