Friday, February 25, 2011

Ufo over Citrus Heights, Sacramento California 22-Feb-2011

Strange orbs of light hovering over Sacramento, CA on February 20, 2011.
If you live in the area and also spotted these ufo lights please respond to this post with your description:

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Anonymous said...

Second video probably shows three airplaines. If it would last longer than 35 seconds it would be more interesting. But in this case i guess these things flew away in conventional manner. Bad quality, too short and so on.

The first video is more interesting. It has also not such a good quality, but these things clearly don't behave like normal airplanes. They could be rc planes, but it is hard to say, especially without knowing how far the other lights are away in this video. Therefore it would be nice to know...
- whether one of the other guys also filmed that stuff with his mobile or not.
- how the location looks like at daylight.
- if there are other witnesses which may have seen that stuff from another direction.

foxy said...

1st vid looks like rc night flying planes, moves just like em. looks like a good spot to fly too.

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