Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Solar Flare Link to Earthquakes ? Christchurch New Zealand

I was told by quite a few people to expect a large earthquake this week following those large solar flares from the sun and sadly again it looks like these predictions came true with a 6.3 earthquake hitting Christchurch New Zealand today. The thing is if the solar activity theory can be used to predict earthquakes why isn't modern science applying the theories and studying them further?. lives are at stake here.. You probably remember over the years I've been talking about this connection so this is nothing new here.

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Anonymous said...

That's a stretch to assume that a solar flare caused this earthquake do to the fact that Christchurch has an extensive recent history of earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

This Earthquake was more Devastating than the last; of 7.1
this 6.3 Quake did more damage because it was only 5kms down.

Much more damge, many many injured,
65 dead, and expected to rise.

Still ongoing, many still trapped.
One modern looking building, had
collapsed on both sides,the floors
had pancaked.
Its a terrible situation for the People of Christchurch, Lyttelton & others.

My condolences go out to all of the New Zealand People.

Dr Mum said...

There is obviously a connection.
When the earths crust and magnetospheres are disrupted is going to have some effect.
I am not sure how a predictive science can be established from this knowledge. Hopefully research is a happening thing. Scientists have records and measurements but perhaps not a holistic picture of how one aspect knocks on to another.
Which scientific organisations look at a bigger universal picture?

Anonymous said...

It is far from a stretch when all facts are considered. Suggest research into NASA T.H.E.M.I.S project and magnetotelleric currents to allow an informed decision.

VirtuallyLucid said...

Take every earthquake over 5.0 for the past 10 years. Find the dates and locations. Look at the solar flare activity on record for those dates.

You will not find a pattern.

This year alone, starting January 1, there have been over 70 quakes above 5.0, with a about third of those being higher than 6.0 and a handful over 7, worldwide.

They've been occurring all the time, every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. That's how it is every year, all year.

You just don't hear about them all because they happen away from civilization or in a way that doesn't cause damage.

Certainly, you can't be proposing that solar flares somehow influence earthquakes to seek out civilized areas. That would be ridiculous. Earthquakes don't think or choose targets.

So, the only conclusion I can come to is that solar flares don't cause earthquakes in any measurable way.

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