Friday, February 18, 2011

Strange Ufo like lights over Bray, Ireland 14th Feb 2011

Someone spots random lights over Bray, Ireland on the 14th Feb 2011
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Michael said...

The quality is far too low to even tell what i'm looking at.

Anonymous said...

Look more like unidentified floating objects - ships, buoys etc - to me. I certainly can't see much to get excited about.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Michael on this one!

Anonymous said...

saw the exact same lights over Lucan on saturday 5th Feb...pity I dint have access to a camera at the time. I'd be a sceptic but that sighting has really challenged my views.

Anonymous said...

i've seen the same thing this thuesday i think, also in bray or so (i was camping near glendalaugh) the light stayed there for multiple hours.

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