Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ufo or lanterns filmed over France ?

Likely lanterns but the triangular shape does through me// your thoughs?
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Anonymous said...
More Utah UFO's on Valentines night, captured with HD camera!!! This time at least five lights, again dropping flares or strobes of some sort. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

Lanterns, yes. When you see a bunch of them, some will always look as if they are in a nearly perfect triangle formation. Why is that? Read some books about psychology of perception. Our brains will always try to connect the dots. Google it, you will find a wide variety of examples about this topic. There are many pictures where you can reproduce this effect, with lines and dots and so on.

Anonymous said...

The Comment about:...

Psychology of perception!...our brains will always try to connect the dots!....?

So true! (very good comment!!)

Gives rise to the thought!?

I know what I saw!!
Seeing is believing!!

You have to be,...SO SURE!!
and a lot of people are!.....?

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