Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ufo over Pommier or CGI ?

Computer edited or the Real thing ? - what are your thoughts on this video? It was filmed over a place called Pommier apparently.
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Anonymous said...

fake, to many obvious and explainable videos being posted.

Anonymous said...

Need multiple witnesses, original footage,etc. Too easy to create...

Anonymous said...

CGI.. comon now i come to this site to see real ufo vids and have recently.. but this.. badd

Anonymous said...

Now, thats what I call,..."Clear!"
that's what we would like to see
most of the time!

but I don't know if its true, or CGI. I suspect its computer edited,
for two reasons;

1. The clip is too short!..too quick!

2. If that were true, one would think that because the ufo.was so near & clear, so astounding!
that most people would wont to get a lengthy shot of it, I would think!?

The clip would need to be analyzed
to be sure,...but I've got to say, it looks convincing!.....?

Anonymous said...

May WE, bestow a thousand camel fleas up on the one, that makes ufo. CGIs!.......? Oooh yeah!

Anonymous said...

The first poster is correct. I thought you wanted to show quality instead of quantity. Now you seem to post every video you can find on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

ultra fake

colandshell said...

fake 100%

Anonymous said...

You now, what I'm PISSED off about,
is this phrase:..."Its too good to
be true"...Does this mean,that those who practice, ufo.CGI's
have the monopoly over the TRUTH!?
How rong is this? if that is excepted,...then they win! is this what we want? when it should be:

"Goodshooting Clear & breathtaking"

How & who is going to fight for the CLEAR TRUTH!? When these SCUMBAGs are getting away with what
they're up to.

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