Monday, February 14, 2011

UFO over GOTEBORG in Sweden - but was it a plane?

I feel this one might be a plane to be honest. Its really important people are not blinded by what might just be plane navigational lights. Im reminded that RealUfos should keep its focus on just that - real Ufos, not planes or Chinese lanterns. So i've posted for your debate and feedback.What are your thoughts on this sighting? 12th Feb 2011

Posters comments
This was seen today around 7 pm, it is the same object in the whole video only from different angles since i had to run from around in my apartment in order to be able to follow it.
I removed the sound of this video because of the high pitch noise my camera was making..
It was seen flying near where they usually do in a suburb called Sävedalen which is only a few minutes away from Göteborg.
Wish i had a HD camera.. Well getting one as soon as i can afford it.
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Anonymous said...

Come on, this is an usual airplane, nothing more. It is shaped like an airplane, it has navigational lights and if behaves like an airplane. If he can't hear the sound of that thing, that's probably because of the distance and a disadvantageous wind direction. And he can't see it anymore because it get's so low at the horizon from his perspective, that the buildings simply conceal it.

Anonymous said...

As for the two video's, I think it would be a misnomer, to call the
viewing anything other than a ufo-UFL;
unidenterfied lights:-)

Could be a plane!?

But if it was a plane,would he not have heard it as a plane, as we often do!?....of cause depending on wind direction!?

Looking on our PC.screen, at a black viewing with some lights moving around,is not the same as seeing & hearing it, with your own
eyes & ears,the perception is not the same! you all know this!
so I feel that the only true
assessment,is with the one's who see & hear,what ever it is their looking at,and this is why its good
if you have some other witnesses with you,for the more information the better!!.......?

Anonymous said...

A Ryan air plane flying over Göteborg-Säve

foxy said...

first vid looks like planes BUT the second vid does not look like any plane i now ov, it seems too have wings and tail but looks very odd, and not symmetrical like most planes, but there are a few odd shaped experimental home builds that are not symmetrical, there is one like a twin engine where fuse is on one wing the engine on the other side,and is a very strange where as usually its engine, fuse engine, but i doubt any experimental kit planes will have the capability and instruments too fly at night

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