Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ufo tracked on Russian Radar - leaked

Not sure if i posted this before but it is a interesting piece of radar footage apparently taken from a Russian radar tower showing an unknown object accelerating at unbelievable speeds.
Radar evidence is again a very credible form of proof that genuine Ufos exist.

"Radar system has demonstrated the speed of the object 9800 km / h, and the height of 19,780 meters. He changed direction instantly and did not send any indefikatsionnyh no signals, and a secondary radar pointed object by default as the number 00000. Aviabort also stated that the object interfered with aviation frequencies, complicating the work of pilots and air traffic controllers. "
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Anonymous said...

Why isn't the radar screen shown in the pan shot of the tower? This footage is dubious. Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

this looks very credible. I'm russian and the plane code numbers are matching the radar ones

Anonymous said...

it's a hoax. (use google translate)

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