Sunday, February 20, 2011

UFOs near O'hare Airport 2011

Major Ufo Newsflash - calling all near O'hare Airport , we have a new report in of multiple lights in V shape formation. Please respond asap if you know any further about this new sighting:

Posters comments:
This video does not do what my father and I saw with our eyes (and binoculars) justice!
 This was recorded in Bloomingdale, Illinois at approximately 8:00 PM on February 13, 2011. The time on the camera is an hour behind.
 The lights were originating from the direction of O'hare airport. A couple airplanes were seen in between the lights at points throughout the filming. I discovered the lights initially at 7:50 PM, in a spot where lights did not belong in the view of the sky near my home. I then ran back home to grab my dad, some binoculars, and a camera. We found a good vantage point and filmed them for about 20 minutes. This footage is cut down quite a bit. I went back to the filming spot at 10:30 PM and the lights were gone.
 Some quality was lost once the film was transferred onto the
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Michael said...

I wish the quality were better, but i'm not complaining. This is still great footage. What color were the lights? Did they change color at all? Were they bright red like a laser point? I really can't tell from the video, every light in the video looks the same color.

Anonymous said...

If this Newsflash is true, could this be a case we are! is anyone paying attention?

Probably not!...Who else saw this??

This is not the first time O'hare Airport, has been in the news!

Is anyone out there paying attention.....??

Anonymous said...

Just lights. And lights and lights. Could be everything.

Anonymous said...

If you live near a major airport like O'Hare you sometimes see lines of planes waiting to land, and if the planes are between you and the airport, they can look as if they are just hanging in the air, when in reality they are traveling directly towards or away from you.

Anonymous said...

To Comment 4:

Yes!...all too true, and I'm wondering why this is, a so called
magor News Flash!?

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that were were about 15 planes on approach that appeared stationary for that long? ATF wouldn't allow them to fly that close. I li e near a major international airport aka seatac. The most planes you see coming and going in one shot would be maybe 5 to 7 and you can definitely tell they're planes. Very predictable pattern and they also turn on then spotlights on approach that are different from the marker lights.
People need to the think about the depth of other possible answers before buying in to them whole heartedly. It's like "oh,airport? Yeah that's just planes coming in to land" really? Try and find similar footAge of an airport that looks like that, that is not an af base. I,ll put money on it you can,t.

Michael said...

I actually got a chance to speak to 1 of the people who witnessed this first hand. He said that these lights were much further away from the airport (15-20 miles away) than they appeared in the video and from his vantage point the 5 lights in the delta formation on the far right were closer to him, and the rest of the lights on the left seemed very far away. He also said he lived about 20 miles away from where this was shot, and knows EXACTLY where the people were shooting from. With all that being said, i don't for 1 second buy the planes on approach to land theory, and i apologize but that explanation is asinine. There's no way they'd maintain that formation for over 7 minutes, plus i've seen several videos of planes approaching a runway from a distance, and in EVERY case they were clearly recognizable as commercial airplanes.

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