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RealUfos readers Personal Ufo sightings - September 2011

Just a glipmse of the many Ufo reports we get everyday from all over the world here at RealUfos from our readers. Here are some interesting reports for September 2011, note if you also spotted ufos in the areas mentioned please let us know by submitting a reply.

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Last night around 10 pm i noticed 3 different crafts flying in the sky. 1 was stationary for most of the time, where as the other two were flying to different areas of the sky, but never out of view. On two seperate occassions i watched these things go right over my head. They were identical to the triangle ufos I have seen on tv many of times and it made no nose as it passed. The only time i could notice the three lights that formed the triangle was when it was directly overhead. Otherwise, it looked kind of like a plane from the side. I decided I was going to take a drive and see if i saw something else. WHen the clock on my dash read 11:11 (it was actually 10:11) i was driving south on 168th street and saw two massive lights in the sky. they were so bright i dismissed them as just a street light, but it was not. This thing was a massive craft that made no noice and seemed to be flying very close. it looked like it had 2 bulbs that were connected by a very thin cable. kinda like 0====0. The craft had a geen and blue glow that was alternating from one bulb to the other. it took literally 4 seconds to go from the west side of the sky to the east. What i saw was a UFO, no doubt in my mind. Ive never been a real ufo believer untill now..

Me and my husband live in rural virginia and my husband had stepped out to smoke a cigar. We look at the skys alot and never see anything, especially in this area. He came in the door and said come here I don't believe what I'm seeing, The time was appx. 8:15pm I walked outside and the cloud coverage was med/high. Through the breaks in the clouds we saw easily 30 bright lights making erratic movements zigzaging slightly ALL going east to west coming in succession no sound whatsoever. They had no strobing lights and were closely following each other. Within appx. 8-10 minutes they all had simply vanished. They were definetly not planes, they reminded us of a fleet (don't know how else to describe it) After that nothing. I tried to record it but my camcorder wouldn't pick them up, How cool, we will definelty be looking even more!

i have been seeing strange lights every night in front of my house over the ocean i live on the north shore of oahu one of the hawaiian islands on the night of the 24th there was 7 supper bright lights in the sky making a triangle and lined up i never got a video but i seen other people seen it and made a video here it is Link

Italy Florence
live in Florence, Italy and 2 nights ago (Sept 24th) we saw 3 lights hovering in the sky. The jiggled and danced a bit then, mega-fast, zipped up into the sky and disappeared. The net is full of these sightings all over the world right now.

This ocurred yesterday (September 13th, 2011), in the city where I live, (City of Sapiranga, Brazil). This ocurred during daytime, around 15:00 PM. I was using my computer at home, like I usually do, and suddenly, when I looked over my window, I saw this huge ball of light appearing in the sky instantly. It hovered there for a few seconds, then started floating to the left, slowly; as it floated, its glow started fading, and fading, revealing a white, metallic looking spherical object. It floated there for a few seconds, and suddenly disappeared. It's not like I saw it speeding away - it disappeared completely, like it had became invisible all of a sudden. This all lasted about 15 - 20 seconds. I'm not sure what was that. I'm still very skeptical, even if I look at a lot of UFO evidence, I do believe they're real, but I just can't accept what I saw for some reason. It was bizarre. I tried finding an explanation to what I had seen, but nothing. I'm really confused, and I just felt I should share this, since, if I were to tell anything to people around here, they most likely would make fun of me.

Baton Rouge.La
Both myself and spouse witnessed 6 craft over Baton Rouge - did anyone else?

i saw my very first ufo last night with 3 of my cousins. im guessing it was just about 50 meters away and 25 meters from the ground. it was a brilliant white light but it didnt hurt the eyes when we were looking at it. all it did was float there, moving a tad to the right and left and looked like it was coming toward us very slowly and everyone got scared and went into the house. we were also to scared to take a picture of it thinking something might happen. i checked to see if it was still there about ten mins later and it was a little further away this time so i just came back into the house. after awile our dogs were barking for a couple hours so i finaly went checked on them and they looked terrified. they looked at me an ran under the porch and i came back inside and stayed inside after that

Lyth Hill, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
Date/Time: 23/09/2011 2154 hours approx

On the 23rd September 2011 I conducted a sky watch with my colleague Phil Hoyle at Lyth Hill near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The aim of this sky watch was to coincide with the re-entry into earth’s atmosphere by the NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was predicted to fall to earth anytime from 2100 hours to 0600 hours GMT.

At 2154 something quite remarkable happened….

As myself and Phil stood to the left of our video equipment which was facing East at that time recording, directly above me a very bright white flash appeared and from it a white and red solid laser beam type light flashed down and hit the ground between us lasting approx 2 to 3 seconds!

Now, don’t get me wrong this completely made us jump and took us by surprise and straight away I had a tingling feeling run from my fingertips all the way up both my arms, over my shoulders and down to my waist. I immediately felt sick and became very cold. It felt like I had just been electrocuted.

We quickly re-positioned our video cameras to point directly above us to see if we could capture any craft or spheres moving in the sky, but there was nothing…
No aircraft of any type and no satellites were above us, the sky was clear and you could clearly see the stars….

So the questions I need answering are: Why fire the beam at us? And what would have happened to me if the beam had it me directly? Read more at their blog
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