Monday, September 26, 2011

Strange Triangular UFO over Chile

A New ufo video in from Chile showing what looks like a triangular formation:
Note some people have mentioned this may be fighter jets in formation but i fidn this hard to belive. Would liek to hear your feedback on this footage:
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Anonymous said...

I don't know about it being fighter jets in formation,I don't
have that impression,because the
holding pattern stays the same throughout the video,it is not the
pattern you would expect to see with fighter jets.

If it is of any help to some people, I would like to suggest that if you were to adjust your brightness control on your PC.Monitor UP! a bit, "or" go into your Windows...Graphics controller
Properties & adjust the brightness up..just a bit!...TAKE NOTE of the
settings before you adjust,so you can reverse the settings later after studying the video...this CAN
HELP you see better detail,on at least the videos.
I know that not every ones PC.Monitor, views the same as others, because some Monitors are of the older type, for one thing!
If this can help us view the videos in a better way, then may all success be with you, for you might see what you didn't see before!?

Anonymous said...

on september 24th there was a massive blackout in chile, over 9 million people were without power. A lot of them saw strange lights in thhe sky.

Michael said...

Fighter jets are a silly explanation; I feel like I shouldn't even gave to say this (because it's glaringly obvious) but fighter jets make noise, that's 1, 2, they wouldn't hold formation for 10 minutes str8, & 3 this thing doesn't move AT ALL! god just stop w/the silly explanations people.

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