Friday, September 30, 2011

Ufo orbs over smoke stack Tyneside uk, 27/09/2011

Ufo orbs over smoke stack Tyneside uk, 27/09/2011

Posters comments:
Ufos checking out a factory smoke stack in north tyneside uk, 27/09/2011 10.30 ish.
filmed from south shields looking towards north tyneside. i have almost 30 mins of this sighting and will post the rest at a later in full screen hd -enjoy
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Anonymous said...

hmm seems windy but nearly all the orbs go to the smoke from the stack from differant altitudes. allso every light seems to stay illuminated for differant amounts of time but flares burn for a set time due to the same amount of flamable material in each one. strange..there is hardly any light output,the smoke from the chimmney is only lit up when the object is right on top of it but the chimmney is still in darkness. couldnt be flares because they emit loads of smoke too-must be some thing else

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