Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Was it a UFO or meteor that killed a lady in her home in Argentina ?

New report in about some object or meteor that hit a home in Argentina killing one lady on September 26th, some dispute that it was infact a meteor while the investigation is pending. Many have also possibly been a UARS fragment as it did breakup somewhere in the south pacific region?.

On Monday, September 26, 2011, a woman was killed when a UFO fell from the sky and exploaded into her home in Monte Grande, Buenos Aires, Argentina at 2:00am.

The Buenos Aires Herald quotes: "The deceased woman was identified as 43-years-old Silvina Espinoza." Multiple witnesses described a "ball of fire" that descended from the heavens prior to the incident. The object has been described as both red and blue.
A photo was apparently taken - see below.

Investigators went through the rubble to discover a “gas 45kg gas tube, part of some pipe and a [pizza] oven destroyed”. The fire department declared that the explosion was enormous.

Still, they are not dismissing any possibility. Buenos Aires security minister Ricardo Casal says that “they can’t discard anything, all the versions are possible, the shockwave was huge and the gas deposits didn’t explode.” Right now, the scientific police is still going through the evidence.
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Randall said...

Let me guess hhmmmmmmm.....I wonder what it could have been??? It was either a meteor or a extraterrestrial craft. I mean the only other explanation would be parts of a satellite right?

But I don't recall reading or hearing about any satellites that were supposed to come crashing down into earth lately. Have you?


Bathtub said...

Well, it wasn't UARS, which we now know came down off Vanuatu. Buenos Aires is in any case on the shores of the S Atlantic, not the S Pacific.

Personally I'd keep an open mind about fireball reports. People often confuse the sequence of events when they witness serious accidents. A gas explosion must be the most likely explanation.

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