Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unusual large Ufo over Massive UFO Adelaide Australia September 25 2011

Interesting Ufo video in from Adelaide Australia filmed on September 25 2011.
If anyone in the area can provide more information on this sighting it would be appreciated:

Posters comments:
Filmed in Adelaide South Australia September 25 2011. Started of as 1 single light than until several lights could be seen. This thing was extremly bright when it wasn't dimming, extremly large and very low to the ground before vanishing. About 45 minutes later there were a convoy of helicopters a couple planes and a military jet in the area and surrounding area scouring the sky until shortly after sunrise. I have never wittnissed such a display or anything like this before.
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Anonymous said...

why at the and this UFO? when you cant identify it, its an Unidentified Flying Object^^ maaaan so hard to use the word UFO? no aliens, no invasion, just UNidentified!

Randall said...

Might be what we all would like it to be, but I'm highly skeptical about this one.

I don't like the fact that who ever filmed this couldn't hold their camera still. I get the feeling it was deliberate to try and make seem authentic.

chessy said...

This is not a UFO it's a ship on the water. Adelaide Australia is a city on the coast and you can see a bridge behind this ship. to bad I thought this was something special.

Anonymous said...

c'est un bateau ou autres sur la mer.
filmé en bord de plage,c'est evident !!! ras

Anonymous said...

A ship on the water surface.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure on this one, like to know the direction, bearing, deg etc, what i can confirm (altho no pics or vid footage) i myself did see something i could not identify in the southern sky (from southern yorke peninsula)travelling from west to east, towards Adelaide South Australia. Bright light in the sky, I believe not to be an aeroplane or helicopter. No navigational lights visible, no flashing lights. Observed for approx 40 sec before disappearing behind dark cloud. This was on Thursday 29th (local CST Aust) about 8:30pm. ? ? ? could it be the same object??

Anonymous said...

Why do these types of UFO's seem to have lights coming from them? We have stealth aircraft (no lights) that fly at night.

Why would an alien aircraft be lit up like a Christmas tree?

Are they just fakes - set up purely for the video camera, or not ufo's at all (lights from cars/street lights/etc etc).

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