Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Strange ufo like lights over Maspeth New York

Would like to know if anyone else in Maspeth New York spotted this one:
Posters comments:
5:30am, starting my day at work when suddenly I saw this weird lights in the sky..

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Randall said...

One thing is for sure and that is we know just by looking at them that they're not Chinese Lanterns.

Michael said...

If any1 says "Chinese lanterns" i will go ape-shit, i swear to God

Michael said...

I think i have this 1 figured out; It looks like it's a reflection from some Christmas lights or something coming from behind him reflecting off of the window he's filming through. This would explain the oddly short amount of time he was filming, & why there's no reaction from the person filming to the lights. It's a simple hoax, i've tested it out myself, & from the right angle it can be easily replicated

Anonymous said...

Transmission tower warning lights. The humans are the lying stinking ass holes of the universe.

shofixti said...

+1 on Michaels explanation

Anonymous said...

I saw a triangular ufo in Maspeth. I am very happy to see this confirmation of my experience

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