Saturday, December 03, 2011

Who reads Real Ufos ? & the increase in ufo news

You can tell a lot about the Ufos by simply looking at who is interested in reading about them.
We are not in the business of naming names but many of our readers would be shocked to know that on a daily basis RealUfos receives repeated visits from numerous government, defense and well known aerospace organisations.

Certain sightings if genuine often attract repeat visits from law force and government organisations and this very interesting to see unfold. Particularly when these organisations advise they do not investigate the phenomenon.

There is an increasing global readership coming from asia and with governments freeing up the internet there more people become interested in the topic.

With numerous governments disclosing their Ufo archives we have seen a significant spike in readers interested in the Ufo topic since early 2010 . Also its interesting to note the overall volume of Ufo news shows an increasing trend every year (see below) and this means the media is finding it an increasingly popular topic with the public so they cover it more. Also with the advent of smart phones, no one has the excuse now not to be able to film a Ufo.

I always remind our readers to keep an eye out for suspicious objects in the sky. Even when everyone is asleep or oblivious to it, a curious and keen eye can often spot something others may have missed. Who knows - your next Ufo video "catch" may be just round the corner!

Remember to post your sightings or interesting videos to us using the 'submit' tab on the website.

Keep your eyes to the Skies and never stop!

Matt @ RealUfos

Increasing trend of volume of Ufo news over the years and Numerous spikes in Ufo news for the term "Ufo" since Mid 2010.

Spanish term for Ufo "Ovni" shows numerous spikes in 2011 & increasing volume of news trend:
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Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to know that government agencies are so interested in your site. Thanks for the info and the UFO uploads. Been enjoying your site for several years now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too thank you Matt!
although you have mentioned it before, but it is good to be reminded, thanks!

epiceye said...

Yes, just one more clue pointing us towards the fact that they DO know and have ALWAYS KNOWN - come out with the facts already.

Anonymous said...

i love people that still are unable to spell when writing a story for a site. organisations for example LMFAO. if u you cant even spell that correctly why would someone take you as a credible person? clearly no edumacation?

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