Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What were those lights over Loveland Ohio - ufos ?

Thanks to a RealUfos Reader who submitted us this interesting report. We would like to hear from anyone else in Ohio who may have spotted these strange lights over the last week or so please reply to this post.

Me and some friends were out on a street corner in Loveland Ohio on a park bench next to Tano Bistro (I used a website with google maps to figure out our exact location, which was Latitude:N 39° 16' 4.893" Longitude:W 84° 15' 30.5551"), when we saw these 3 whitish-orange lights in a triangle formation starting to rise up from the horizon (South/Southeast) going really fast. I got my phone out and started taking video of the lights, when another formation of lights rose up, this time there were five lights, the same color, in a much larger, somewhat uneven triangle pattern (Same direction). At this point people walking down the street, and eating outside at Tano stopped what they were doing to watch it, many getting out their phones as well and recording it.

There was at least one child next to me that was really scared. Both sets of lights continued to rise up form the horizon, appearing to rise almost vertically, before vanishing as we watched, while passing overhead. I'm still not sure whether they were 2 separate craft with multiple lights on each, or 8 craft with one light each. I live in the area, and come to this spot all the time, and I've never seen anything like this in my life. Note: I did see aircraft in the vicinity before and after the event, however they appeared to be civilian, and I am not aware of any that were in the vicinity during the event.

Posters feedback: I read an article on examiner.com that said that similar lights were reported in 5 states on thanksgiving
day, and another sighting of similar lights happened in cleveland on the same day, and Cleveland is north of Cincinnati Ohio, which is the direction the lights were flying. Very interesting stuff going on!

Note: Click 1080p from the menu on the bottom right and then go full screen to see the lights best (its not the street light)
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Anonymous said...

Looks like flashing caution lights.

Anonymous said...

You can barely make out some man made structure (building or tower that the lights seem to be connected to. I think this one is very earthly in origin.

The How To Guy said...

Umm yeah there are flashing caution lights in the video but that's not what the video is a recording of. No one is that friggin dumb to mistake caution lights that are clearly within 20 feet from them for ufos... The lights in the sky are what this video is a recording of....

Anonymous said...

Was at Lovelands Larosas and saw the same thing. Very Very freaky, thought I was going crazy, glad I seen this posting.

alex.schrank said...

No, believe me I live here and there's no building there. And if you look closely (the lights didn't show up very well) they're moving, and they ended up flying over us without breaking formation. But I mean I'm not a conspiracy theorist, they were probably still earthly in origin.

Anonymous said...

Me and my buddy were down by dollar general in loveland and saw this. Everything you just described is exactly what we saw. The lights rose up from the east, moved west and faded out till they vanished. No idea as to what they could be.

Kevin said...

I was flying south from Ottawa to Washington DC on Dec 12, and looking west while flying over Virginia, I saw these lights. Bright orange, blinking green and white on either side. It faded away as if clouds were passing by, but there was not a cloud in the sky that night.

It was CLEARLY in the sky, not flashing caution lights.

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