Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Large triangle ufo over Lakewood Colorado 11/28/11

Calling everyone from Lakewood Colorado we would like to know if others saw this very large and strange triangle ufo formation.
Video filmed on 11/28/11
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Anonymous said...

what u saw there what i saw other night here in pa but one pop up out of nowhere then sit there then start moving then another behind that one fellowing then 3rd fellowing that one so u are not only one seeing this

chessy said...

Did anyone else report or film that same triangle from different direction.

Anonymous said...

Two dots make a triangle? That's a first. Last time I checked, the shortest distance between two points is a line. Even then, there is no evidence to show that there is anything connecting these two dots.

Also, I live in the mountains southwest of Denver. This area is a major flight corridor for planes coming in from the western states into DIA. The lights can suddenly appear when:
1) The planes first turn on their landing lights, which they will do about they time they're over my house. Depending on cloud conditions, you might well see landing lights before you see the other blinking airplane lights.
2) Low level cloud banks form over the mountains. I know that two nights ago (on the 28th) it did get rather cloudy in the evening over certain mountain locales here in the area. This can give the illusion that lights suddenly appear when the reality is that they're only just emerging from a cloud bank. Depending on the distance of the planes and your angle of viewing, they can also appear stationary until they are almost on top of you.

I appreciate your desire to believe in UFOs. My parents both worked for the airlines and I feel fairly confident that UFOs exist. Still, videos such as these make us all look foolish.

Anonymous said...

I actually recorded the same thing and i live up in bailey co and was looking alot further south than lakewood i was looking in the direction of castle rock at first it started as one bright light than when it dimmed down i thought i was only recording one and when i watched the video there was actually four red dots and as for them being planes last time i checked air line planes dont fly up and down they go across the sky they dont just fly straight vertical

Zack said...

@Anon2 You need to watch the whole video bro. A thurd light appears later on in the video. 2: The sky is clear. Why dont you try not dogging on someone kthxbye.

Anonymous said...

More lies of the humans , the humans are the low life scum of the universe. I live along the front range and this is planes going to DIA. The driver of the car is a lying stinking ass hole. The humans have a saying , dumber then a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Those lights were coming from the north of I-70 where the Rocky Mountain Metropolitain airport is located about 15 miles north. It looked like 3 airplanes were coming in for a landing from what I could tell.

Anonymous said...

"Dumber than a box of rocks??"

Well that sounds a bit negative,

coming from a rusty old tin can, with artificial intellegence.

Why don't you straighten out your
wiring,or better still,stick it up your fuse box. while we watch you
smolder in your own fumes.:)

Anonymous said...

Lights on the front of airplanes coming into DIA. They line up like that for traffic control reasons and the closer they are to the airport, the lower they'll be. Those lights are more than bright enough to be visible from 30-40 miles and when it's that far away and heading toward your vantage point, they will appear motionless. Now, that being said, if you saw lights like this in the middle of the Arctic, I'd look into it a bit harder. But, no mystery here, terrestrial aircraft.

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