Monday, November 21, 2011

Ufo filmed over Niagara Falls

After looking at numerous ufo reports from over Niagara Falls over the years I've come to the opinion that there may be some type of strange metallic craft visiting the area.
Although this video doesn't look like much it shows the strange metallic like object spotted in the area. I would like to hear from any locals who may have also spotted ufos over the falls.
Need to view at full screen:
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Anonymous said...

1833-11-??; Niagara Falls, NY
Honeymoomers are startled by the flight of a large, mysterious airship that hovers over the falls then moves northward to Canada.

1834-??-??; Niagara Falls, Canada
A square, brightly-lit object, emitting streams of light, hovered over the giant waterfall for some time.

1951-06-01; Niagara Falls, NY
June 1, 1951; Niagara Falls, New York. 4:20 a.m. Witnesses: M/Sgt H.E. Sweeney, 2 enlisted men. One glowing yellow-orange, saucer-shaped object with arc-shaped wings, flew straight up. Seen for 30-40 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Please go back and address the "rotating spotlight" (assuming it's a part of the phenomena). It's rotating consistantly at once every six seconds or 10 rpm. You can observe the 180 degree back-shine 3 sec after observing the direct beam. What's in the area that would create a white 10 rpm beacon. Lots of the other stuff (triangles, etc.) can be "imagined" from various reflections of the beacon.

(The full length video is very revealing, yet a mystery.)

Anonymous said...

"Lots of the other stuff (triangles, etc.) can be "imagined" from various reflections of the beacon."

I guess multiple camera's are "IMAGINING" things too by recording what they are Imagining...right?

The UFO community is full of people making stupid comments with no facts to back it up.

A few people have been dedicated to researching this and believe me, they thought of everything you did a long time ago.

MUFON relegated it a genuine UFO event as well and not atmospheric or illusion

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