Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 2011- Your Ufo reports

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South West of France november 22nd
I spotted a very bright light at 00:20 in the South West of France, today november 22nd. I filmed it for an hour with my sony ericcson experia in HD. The camera showed a swirl of lights that emitted two huge light burst every minute and a half roughly. Video

Early this morning around 5:30a.m i woke up an looked out my window towards Winnipeg MB, from Selkirk MB. I saw a bright orange light sort of like a spot light but it wasn't moving. My first thought was "wow its a clear night" but as i watched this light it slowly became dimmer an dimmer til it was gone. Anxious an confused i raised the blinds so i could see the full sky an noticed another bright light floating in one spot, but this light also had flashing red, blue, and green lights. As i watched the object for about an hour I than saw what seemed to be a shooting star just off to the left of the object, but this light was brighter than your average shooting star. Than around 7 a.m. the original light i saw re appeared about 6 inches from the flashing object an headed north, it almost seemed to curve an turn slightly an started heading slightly north east. I than resumed watching the flashing object for a few more hours. By using a hydro pole an stars I was able to conclude that this object was heading south with a slight degree south west. As the sun rose an all the stars became impossible to see this one light still remained but slowly grew more distant but yet visible. I am unsure if anyone else had witnessed this event, but if someone else did it would be great to back up my story.

Nevada November 20/2011 @ 17:30 Hrs Pacific Time.
Traveling Alone Northbound U.S.Hwy 395 @ Just North of China Springs Road/Douglas County,Nevada.
FYI:Driving full sized Pick-up Truck with 100%,360 Degree View.
At the top of hill overlooking Gardnerville,Nv with line of sight view to my left is East Peak Nevada 10,000' Elev, with Lake Tahoe Basin on other side,the sun was starting to set, but do to partly high clouds not as bright as would be if clear skies.
Object was a Blue/White(RE:Arc Welding Arc)Desending at slight angled path to North, Starting above Cloud Cover then penetrating the Cloud formation,at extreme speed that i could only estimate if object had been much much closer, cloud cover was about 10 miles West of my location.
However i saw object above and through raincloud and come out bottom, lluminating inside of cloud, object continued north at very high rate but slight angle Possible 10 to 20 degrees.
Object then before either going behind Genoa Peak 9,000' Elev or into it, turned a Red Color (Not orange/red) described as like a road flare, then disapeared out of visual range or burned up, but at no time was there ever a trail, it was very clean looking, solid white/blue arc turning red, the gone.
Could had been a Meteor? Ive seen meteors at night and they burn up long before getting to where i last saw it, and it was still light outside.
I would think at the altitude i last saw it, it either recovered out of my visual range or it hit the ground on the West side of Genoa peak or into Lake tahoe on Nevada side.

As this report happend just moments before writing this i am still mezmorized. My first sighting ever in my life i feel over joyed i looked out of my window and i the distance i seen a light of what i just thought to be a plane of some sort until i seen the light moving side to side up and down with three slowly dulling flashing lights then turning into one light it was so bright i couldnt take my eye off of it as i watched in amazment it suddenly shot straight up and dissapeared into the sky at a rapid unimagenable speed this sighting was spotland scotland, coatbridge, Kirkwood

I was jogging with my dog that day and saw the flying object with white snow tail, I’m wondering what is that. I cannot unidentify it, so I called it UFO. It doesn’t look like aeroplane and this area do not have airport.
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