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Your Ufo Sightings November / October 2011

Further interesting ufo reports in from our readers here at RealUfos. Note there are many recent reports in from New York state, if you spotted anything in the region we would like to hear from you asap - please respond to this post.
You are also welcome to submit your reports using the top right 'submit' link on the website.

Suffolk county new York oct 25th @ 8pm EST
Listening to police canner for suffolk county police department- New York- dispatcher called units about lights in sky over the water- next-had more reports and actually said "possible ufo" cars were dispatched- dispatcher said she had over 30 reports- andF fire dept. also- apparently calls came in from kings park. northport, and other locations- she said one was 3 orange lights- another was about 30 lights that looked like planes flying in formation- the SCPD helicopter was dispatched which took about 20 minutes- he said he didn't see anything and was returning to base- the marine department was also requested to send a boat to investigate. some reports said over the water- some thought it may have been near the Northport, NY dumps, others suggested it way have been Sunken Meadow State Park- they checked with USAF, and ATC and got negative replies- then all of a sudden there was no more discussion- i was listening at work on would love to know what happened!!

Union County, New Jersey, United States 2011-11-25
looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a glowing floating ball of light. It was the most unusual thing I have ever seen. I ran out saw and it passed over head but there wasn't any sound. It floated/drove off in the distance and then another one came from the same direction and headed overhead and north east in the same direction as the first. I was simply to disturbed to even think of a picture on my cell phone. I cannot be the only one who saw this. . This was about 8:50 PM on 11-25.

New York 2011-11-25
After opening my front door I looked up and saw a bright light flashing or pulsating can't be sure due to distance. I am sure it was out in space. however,it does night seem like a regular star nor sun light reflecting off of a satilite. it is stationary but due to rotation of the earth it appears to move. An airplane flew across the sky during the sighting of this object and even thought this object is further away it was brighter the the lights from the plane and also other stars appear far more dull and this object is by far closer to earth than any other stars I've seen. The sighting started at 10:55pm eastern NY time on the 25th of november 2011 and ended at 12:32am eastern NY

Summerfield North Carolina 3/18/10
I have no idea if this is anything or not, but I just uploaded all my pics from my phone to my computer and for the first time, I noticed one picture had 2 very strange lights captured in it. No other pictures of mine (1000+ from the same phone) has shown anything like this. The picture was taken back on 3/18/10 at 7:20 in the morning, over the town of Summerfield, NC 27358. The strange thing about the photo is there seems to be an outline around the lights. Please let me know what you think.

Iam almost certain this was taken from outside my car window. I live on a VERY quiet street, it was early in the morning and I had just dropped my daughter off at school. Turned onto my street, saw the beautiful sky, and paused to take a picture of it. Very slim chance it was taken from inside my car, and if it was, you would see some part of either the car or the windshield (plus I’d be driving and that would be tough to do). I’m over 95% certain this was not from behind my windshield glass

South West of France, november 22nd

I spotted a very bright light at 00:20 in the South West of France, today november 22nd. I filmed it for an hour with my sony ericcson experia in HD. The camera showed a swirl of lights that emitted two huge light burst every minute and a half roughly.

USA November 24, 2011
On the evening of November 24, 2011 I was walking to my car after visiting with my brother and his family.
I looked up at the sky and noticed there was an orange tear drop shape crossing the sky. My brother and fiance both took notice and we watched as it crossed.
My older brother is a retired Air Force technician who worked with A-10's and was skeptical at first. We looked for any form of landing or caution lights but saw none. The first object was moving across the sky from what appeared west-to-east and then shot off into the distance.
Soon after, another object of same color and shape appeared along the same flight path. It was bright orange and looked almost like a comet. It followed what, from the ground, appeared to be the same path.
As we watched, a group of people in a car pulled over to ask us if we saw the same thing. We answered that we were just then looking at it. We watched until it disappeared into the horizon. It hooked up into the sky, but seemed to fade into the distance as if it was going beyond our view.
There was no sound and no trail that we could see. We did witness it flying what looked to be parallel to the clouds before they went through them. The clouds did lighten with the orange color.
We didn't observe any pulsing or fluctuations. It was just a fuzzy solid orange.
My fiance said she thought the top had two solid red lights with an orange bottom. However, I did not notice a difference.
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Anonymous said...

Where did this sighting take place? I saw something very similar on the same night. I saw the red lights mentioned, even though they weren't visible for long.

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