Friday, November 25, 2011

Chinese lanterns not Ufos over Kuban Russia

As we approach the festive season we are going to see this over and over again (hopefully not on RealUfos). I Received this video emailed to us this morning and posting it for example sake. I want to clarify this video is likely Chinese lanterns and not a ufo or 'orbs' over Kuban Russia. Although they do form interesting formations this can be achieved by string tied together between the lanterns.
I let off my own lanterns last year in asia where its common around new year (they are banned in western counties due to flight risk thus why we freak out when we see them!). They are very large, make no sound and hover. Its quite obvious to me when i see these now, if you disagree with my thoughts here then please respond. I just ask that people use their brains and think hard when you see a light in the sky - could there be another explanation for it?

Banning of Chinese Lanterns - a good thing for Ufology & farmers.

Overall a ban on sky lanterns is a good thing for ufology, less fakes leaves more room for genuine sightings.

China, Malta, Germany, Austria and Australia, have banned sky lanterns.
With the UK calling for them to be banned last month.

Who knows if they are still legal in the USA?

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Randall said...

I'm having a hard time deciding. I watched some videos on YouTube of people launching Chinese lanterns. These lights in this video seem to be oscillating in sync with each other in a circular rotation.

The Chinese lanterns I just watched seem to be lacking the same characteristics as the lights in this video.

I'm stuck in the middle. Not sure what to think.

Kibby said...

I'm happy that they take the initiative by banning the chinese lanterns being up in sky.

Anonymous said...

i agree,it´s very easy to sell laterns for ufos,
BUT: at most locations where cattle ore sheep mutilations take place the farmers saw red spheres in the skye.......

Kibby said...

Moo.. "I see an orange sphere falling directly to me.."

Moment later...

Farmer yelps, "Not again! Yet other mutilation cow!"

Anonymous said...

What kind of asshole lights something on fire and then sends it into the sky?

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