Friday, December 02, 2011

Ufos over Adelaide South Australia Orb November 30th 2011

Would like to hear from any of my fellow aussie's - if anyone in Adelaide spotted this strange ufo orb sighting;

Posters comments:
Appeared orange/red at first but once it passed the moon went into a bright (colour only visible with eye). This is my first sighting since moving houses. Filmed - Adelaide, Australia
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting sighting! On two occations I've seen orange/red lights over Adelaide. The first one back in 1999 over Happy Valley which my wife and I watched for 5 minutes before it stopped moving then danced in a very odd zigzag motion before shooting off to the west and an incredible speed. Then in 2008 two flew above the house. 10 minutes later another one appeared and I filmed it on video. I was watched by our neighbours too (also filmed)! This video here is a good length with good commentary. Coincidently the narrator here has the same voice as me. I swear it's not me though!

Anonymous said...

Just the ISS passing over. I usually make time to see this.

Anonymous said...

I saw a single light this morning - 4:25am Monday 5 December 2011 - moving very slowly, and then another light appeared, they seemed to dim and brighten randomly, and not move too far away from one another. They were moving too slowly to be aircraft, and were too close together to be two aircraft. After both lights dimmed and disappeared, I could just make out a formation of four or five black objects stationary in the sky. I asked my manager, who was picking me up for work, if he could see the objects, and he affirmed their presence.

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