Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strange ufo sounds - deceiving the masses?

As you all may know, numerous videos are coming out with the 'stange sounds' heard in apparently many different countries. After closer analysis I believe that all of these videos may be fakes. Its typical example of an idea gone viral and we see this on youtube time and time again. If a video proves popular the theme will be copied by other posters who get on the 'bandwagon'. Why? well its pretty obvious - the more hits you get to your video the more advertising revenue you receive.
Popular videos = serious cash these days since google monetised videos on youtube, and most posters don't care regardless if their video are hoaxes - its the hits that count.
With the increase in well crafted CGI fakes on youtube this something of great moral concern to me (and the future credibility of ufology) and i would like all our readers to beware of while your browsing youtube and channels you may be subscribed too - whats the posters true intention - to make people aware of the truth or to drive hits & make money by deceiving them?. There is a fine line with the majority of videos out there.
Sensational videos encourage much exposure for a video - the temptation of posting a fake may just be too much when the poster considers the revenue they will receive. Why has the poster copied a popular or someone else's video and have edited them to seem if it is their video?. We should always be skeptical and question what we are seeing - just because the masses are believing something no way means its right (its often the opposite case) and if its too good to be true it usually is!.
Either way, I would like your feedback on this phenomenon - fact or fiction?
The more important question we should be asking is has anyone actually heard the sounds for themselves?
One reported fact when it comes to 'strange sounds' can be linked to historical sightings of crop circles. I have received emails of 'clicking' and humming sounds coming from fields where the circles are so there could be some truth to the strange sounds in some cases.
Ohh and remember disinfo means to confuse, not necessarily disprove!
This guy debunks the Canada and Kiev videos:

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Anonymous said...

How you will debunk the Costa Rica video ?

So STOP painting every video a hoax !

Now days you sound more link debunker Mr. Matt

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you used the video of that inbred and self proclaimed troll on your website. Shocking!

Anonymous said...

Shocking yeah!...but once a video is seen as a HOAX!..then the others are brought into question.

Cry wolf too often, and the "real thing" can be ignored...What does that tell you? can loose the
interest of a lot of people,and the
TRUTH, can somewhat be lost.

Anonymous said...

im sure a lot of these are fakes - im not saying all are though. I saw an example of how this can be done by speeding up the sound, and if slowed down it sounds like a chair being moved across a wooden floor or something similiar. Where are the people that heard these noises, all i see are more videos being released of this so-called 'phenomenon'?

epiceye said...

people need to approach all phenomenon with a critical eye to discern between whats real, and whats misinformation/disinformation - so in that light, there is nothing wrong with having this video posted here.

Anonymous said...

I predict that this year we wont just be seeing UFO's but also hearing them....maybe they are finally ready to reveal them self's. On the other hand this could be the beginning of the latest UFO hoax fad.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heart any sounds but do know someone I highly trust that did hear these sounds in Denmark.
He said that these sounds are coming from angelic realms that are coming closer and closer to our realm because of the critical state our planet is in now.
So basicly they are warning us!

Michael said...

Last year i reported an encounter w/a UFO emitting this unsettling noise to MUFON. I came damn near eye to eye w/1 of the craft responsible for this horrifying sound. I'd never felt more uneasy in my entire life. I'm not going to go over every last detail here (due to the length of the report in it's entirety) however i still have a copy of the report on the incident if any1 would like to read a highly specified account of what these things look like/how they behave. It's much stranger than fiction folks.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are many hoaxes - Go here to see All sounds, Analised & mapped: Fakes Vs. Real

If you wish to open your minds and see where the sound emits from:
The sound is apparent in the later part of the video as the craft approaches.


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