Saturday, January 14, 2012

UFO sighting Wallingford Connecticut 01.09.2012

Callign all people from Wallingford Connecticut - did anyone else spot these strange low flying ufo lights?

Posters comments:
UFO sighting in Walling ford CT, January 9th 2012 at approximately 10:00 pm
recorded from my Friends Htc evo, this small clip does not justify what the eye saw which was about 25 to 30 smaller lights surrounding the bigger ones.
did anyone else witness anything at this date/ time?
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LittleBrother2012 said...

Not on that night, but tonight, i surely did, It was hovering in the sky for close to 30 mins,about 4 hand lengths to the right of Jupiter, heading away from Orion tonight is Jan 15th 2012, saw the object around 530pm, it was a greenish blue color, I saw the same object back in 2008 in Wlfd/Durham. and it was beautifull, any more info my email is [email protected].

LittleBrother2012 said...

IDK why they didnt post my Comment tonight is 1/15/2012 I saw a hovering greenish object to the right of Jupiter heading away from Orion,It was up there for more then 30-40 mins,and i actually saw the same obnject in 2008 in a park in durham/wlfd while stargazing, none the less it was beautifull, it finally dissapated behind the tree line, i Live in yalesville and was lookingtowards Cheshire i would say..

saint patrick said...

wow...I never bothered to even check the web the next day. I saw something around that time as well...BUT it was heading southeast and it was being followed by a Helicopter! I heard the helicopter and looked up and said to myself "ok whats that in front of it. 1 small orange light
what I think was a triangular shape and no sound. I figured it was just a light disabled plane.

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