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Ufos, power stations & Blackouts - Niagra Falls & NYC 1965

I was recently reminded by a reader about the strong link between Ufos, blackouts and power stations both conventional & hydroelectric. Over the years as you may know numerous Ufo sightings have occurred over Niagra Falls region but i was unaware this has been happening since 1965 and there is a historical link due to a power station being the vacinity.
There is actually alot more to this topic (more here) and i would like further feedback from everyone if you know more.

Below is a Readers testimonial:
In 1988 i believe it was in new brunswick canada. I SEEN A REAL UFO. !It was stealing power from the power line whick is huge towers strechingthe wires far above the ground. I watched it for about 20 minutes.It was round with some different lights on it blinking around it.When it was finished it took off to the souuth east of St. John N.B. It was only a second going out of site across the horrizon. I calculated
the speed and it was faster than anything on earth... This a true fact. I was called a liar but apparently from the news paper there was 7 other people who seen this.

I have been advised the famous 1965 mass blackout of New York had numerous connections to Ufo sightings that day (see below). The Northeast Blackout of 1965 left 25 million people and 80,000 square miles (207,000 km²) without electricity for up to twelve hours. About 3 mintues into the broadcast, Frank McGee reports from New York by candlelight:

On the same night, many UFO sightings were made in the same area.
One occurred at 4:30 PM over Tidioute, Pennsylvania, and another at 5:22 PM between Syracuse Airport and Rochester, New York. They were described as fast, bright objects. During the blackout, a private pilot and a flight instructor both witnessed a bright fireball 50100 ft in diameter, which quickly vanished. The fireball was observed over the Clay Power Station, which was originally said to be the source of the blackout before authorities reported the source of the surge to be at Beck.

In New York City, UFOs with a strange glow were reported, and one of the pictures of the object taken was printed in Time Magazine. Before the Federal Power Commission's explanation, the Indianapolis Star, the Syracuse Herald-Journal, and the Associated Press all picked up the UFO reports.

UFOs near Power Station in Moscow on October,16th,2009:

On the night of Nov. 9, 1965 seconds before lights began flickering and failing all the way from the Adam Beck power plant at Queenston, Ont. to New York City. [ The Adam Beck power plant in Queenston is located directly across the Niagara River from the Robert Moses power plant in Lewiston, New York, just outside of the City of Niagara Falls. Readers may recall the great Northeastern power failure of 1965, and other articles I will be posting make reference to the sightings of an object above the Adam Beck plant that day. ]

The great northeast power blackout officially was blamed on a faulty relay in the Ontario Hydro switchyard at Queenston but other persons, mainly members of the Massachusetts unit of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, said it was caused by visitors from space.

There were many sightings minutes before the blackout of a strange object hovering near the Beck plant. A crewman aboard a cargo plane landing at the Niagara Falls International Airport and an observer on the grownd saw the strange object.

So did a number of other persons, although at the time an Ontario Hydro official denied anybody told them of the sightings. Several years later a Hydro official confirmed that sightings were noted by hundreds of persons.
At the time, power officials said no conditions were prevalent that could have caused a corona discharge or arcing between power lines that may have been mistaken for a UFO.

The observer on the cargo plane saw what he described as a glowing mass over the power station.

It looked like a huge barn fire and was rising and just at that time the lights began to flicker on the ground. Before the plane came to a halt on the runway, the blackout was on.

Did UFOs above the plant suck out energy from the plant to replenish their depleting supplies, thus precipitating the blackout? Three years later, in April of 1968, weird lights were seen again over the Beck station.

At about 2:15 a.m. on April 2, three Niagara Falls police officers watching from Lewiston Road and Hyde Park Boulevard observed pulsating lights for nearly an hour.

"They were like something I have never seen before," said one of the officers, Patrolman Thomas Shumway. Read more source

UFO at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station April 2002:

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Fascinating stuff. This contemporary account by Gordon Creighton (editor of Flying Saucer Review) may be of interest:,American%201965%20Blackout,FSR66V12N1.pdf