Friday, January 13, 2012

Why UFOs and Alien Technology are Covered Up - Dr Greer

Although sometimes controversial Dr Greer really has a few great points here on why Ufo disclosure is being held back:

In this excerpt from an interview with New Paradigm Films, Dr. Steven Greer explains why the UFO presence has been hidden from the public. There are three main reasons for the secrecy:
1. The Inertia of the Secrecy
"Once you start something secret and you've made so many lies, and you've killed so many people, and threatened so many people, and you've lied to congress, and you've lied to presidents, how do you bring this out?"
2. Religious Interests
"The other is that there were orthodox religious interests that did not know what to make of this..."
3. New Technologies
"The biggest became the technological and scientific end of this...these objects are extracting energy from the fabric of space...they realized this was the end of oil. It's the end of the need for coal. It's the end of the internal combustion engine. It's the end of transmission lines for electricity....
"What happens when every village in India or sub-Saharan Africa can have a device that looks like a generator and it's extracting energy from this quantum flux field...this would be a wonderful thing, it would be the end of poverty...but it would also be the end of the economic hegemony where Europe and America dominate the whole global economy... it's about power. Who has the power."
- Dr. Steven Greer
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Anonymous said...

How about this world don't belong to belongs to them.[UFOs] and they consider us very primitive and signification...

Anonymous said...

In my view!...on listening to Dr.Steven Greers explanation of the three main reasons of secrecy,
on the ufo topic, is this:

1. WHO!? wants to vote, for a party thats not honest, and will not front up! I mean, what are we voting for?...the best Politician at lying!?

2. I don't think Religion has a problem,..why?..because ET. is looking for GOD!:)

3. NOW, thats a big move!.."new Technologies!!"...Whats it to be?
New World Order, with microchip!?OR...freedom from BIG BROTHER!?
with free energy!

I know!...its not that easy.

Anonymous said...

"There is evidence that they (the occupants of the UFOs) are concerned about our well-being and human hostility towards other in the galactic community..." (not a perfect quote)

What evidence Mr. Greer? His evidence is that this is the message he is receiving from the Visitors.

Should we believe and trust everything that the Visitors tell us? Why would you not have some ounce of skepticism when being told this from inter-dimensional beings? Why should we trust them? Because they tell us so?

I'm not saying they're outright lying but don't believe everything you see or hear! Our lives are at stake and perhaps our very souls.

I fear Dr. Greer has been been somewhat deceived. He won't, not for a moment, believe that the Aliens/Visitors could be evil. To say that they are entirely good and here for us is naive. To say that they are evil and are here to enslave us (or worse) is also naive.

I'm saying, not all the evidence is in. Don't rush to judgement people (and Dr. Greer).

My research has shown that these beings have the ability to put thoughts, ideas and feelings in your head. Would you really trust an entity to keep your best interest at heart? How would you know that your feelings and thoughts are genuinely yours and advent been "placed" there? Or maybe the real story is: They're here for THEIR purposes and they have an agenda and we are pawns in their complex and as of yet, misunderstood grand plan.

Keep an open mind. Don't make a decision on whether they're good or evil until you know more. And yes, I've read all of Dr. Greer's books and I've attended more than 1 lecture.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This is great video, it’s just sad to think that a greedy handful of people would keep humanity under wraps just for the sheer thought of having POWER…I’m also confident that an advanced civilization would realize this. And one day when the time is right, let humanity know that they are not alone in the universe but are one of many civilizations in the cosmos.

Greg St. Pierre said...

Steven, you left something out. Suppose Radical Islam got hold of this technology? Partner, we can't tell our friends without telling our enemies.kiseshb

Ram83 said...

Well said mr greer

Anonymous said...

thats true about the technoly,my view jfk was killed by his own goverment/ insider job,he was going to release or tell the truth,of ufos and almost kick the door wide open about black projects,the president is the middle man, not the top of the top. sooner you know the better youll be.thats why its never solved..

Anonymous said...

It's the devil! I saw one myself! He was using it to tourcher me and using mind control to make me submit ti his will. Jesus us the only way to stop him. Face it. The government isn't is full of idiots. They can't building ufos. If aliens where so concerned with helping us they would have already. It's just a trick of the devil!

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