Monday, January 09, 2012

Unusual Meteor shower December 14th over Tottenham

A strange one from the 14th December 2011 filmed over: Tottenham.
By the way im back into posting after my longest hiatus ever due to extended holidays.
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Anonymous said...

Well,an unexpected break would be an interesty story to hear in your extended holidays, Matt!?

must be something worth reading, no!?..yes!?:)

I mean if something was to happen,
this site would freeze, and so would we!?.........?

Bathtub said...

Not a meteor shower - and I don't think they're in the sky either because they pass in front of buildings. Fake?

Anonymous said...

Please don't post these ridiculous videos. Please!

Raine Carosin said...

i am impressed you got it... and they do pass behind the buildings and not infront of them... i witnessed a meteor shower back in the mid-ish nineties... mine was overhead and can you believe it? The video camera was broken... and we stayed miles from any towns... anyways, i reckon it's cool... pls keep sending in video... maybe it was just space debris, but then what does anybody really know...

Anonymous said...

There are no buildings Bathtub... there are internal reflections from inside the train and some external raised lights. The horizon outside is easily discerned. There also appears to be a firework goining off at one point. But the steamers themselves are odd, plus there seems to be a three light object going accross the frames to the right of the streamers(meteors), which is hard to identify.

It's unusual footage of something which maybe earthly or not.. but obviously genuine.

Sean Fingers said...


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