Friday, June 15, 2012

Did You See It? Meteor Crosses Michigan, Ohio: 14/06/2012

Word out to people from Michigan and Ohio! Did anyone else see this meteor on June 14, 2012  ?

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Anonymous said...

I saw that meteor in Cambridge Ontario and it was a very bright white fireball with an orange trail and it appeared to be falling slowly rather than shooting across the sky. It was low in the sky and huge.

Anonymous said...

I saw it from Windsor Ontario. It was bright green, and was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Marysville Michigan and my daughters friend did too. It was shooting down towards the ground with a long white tail, the meteor itself was like a seafoam green color and then I saw pink colors too then it seemed to explode and disappear. It all happened in less then 10 seconds I'd say. My daughter told me she saw it the next evening, on June 15th as well.

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