Monday, June 11, 2012

Update: Starchild Alien Skull DNA 7/06/2012

I've always been intrigued by the Starchild discovery and following the Prometheus movie, I think it's relevant I update you all on the latest from the Alien Starchild DNA studies.

THE STARCHILD SKULL is a genuine 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project is an informal organization which began in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young, the owners of the Starchild Skull, asked Lloyd Pye to head research efforts to determine what caused the unusual shape and properties of the bone.  More at

Latest news on the Star Child Updated June 7th Video:

Early DNA tests were unable to successfully recover DNA from the Starchild's father, leading to the suggestion that the skull was a human-alien hybrid.
However, the most recent tests have uncovered DNA so different from human that the working theory is now at minimum it is a new species, and very likely it is an alien species of extraterrestrial origin.  Read more here

I'd like to see people support the great work from the Starchild group, if there are any philanthropists out there, supporting their upcoming documentary would be a great cause.
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Anonymous said...

great documentary!i put a pic of "skinny bob"(from roswell),next to the starchild skull,and it is dead on lookalike!superimposing one on the other would be a dead ringer!it is sooo exciting!!it is SO DISTURBING that alot of people think that we are the ONLY ones out there.i think people are terrified of the truth......

Anonymous said...

Yes,I think it does terrify some people,because they realize the change in the paradigm, they've become comfortable in all this time,and is now a bit of a threat to them,not knowing the full story yet!? It takes time to think, & adjust to a new reality that you've not known before.

Slow & steady, wins the race, for a
greater understanding...........

Anonymous said...

What About joined twins? do they have the same human DNA or do they have somthing extra? I ask cos the skull looks a bit like the start of a joined twin.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to se they're more enlightened people out there.

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