Friday, June 15, 2012

Looks & Flies Like A Plane - But Is It? A Closer Look At UFOs & Fake Planes

Many people on Youtube have suggested their videos contain what is called a fake plane - a UFO mimicking navigational lights to look like a conventional aircraft. The topic is somewhat controversial but it does make sense as when an object is so far way, the only way to identify it is from the navigational lights. It would be easy for an ET craft to semi-disguise itself this way. What would then give it away? How it moves:
I welcome your feedback both on this footage and the topic of fake planes.

Posters comments: Tuesday 12th June 2012 at 2200 hours I decided to have a trip up to the outskirts of Bawsey Woods Kings Lynn UK, to see if there was going to be any activity, as I felt a certain need like a message drawing me there. It's been several weeks now sinse I last see anything and recorded anything, but tonight felt diferent and once again I was shown a great performance. Here you will see the fake planes, the triangular shape craft, and the Stingray shaped craft followed up by a magnificent bright white Orb checking me out as if to say 'Hi!'
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wendy said...

Looks authentic to me. Great catch.

Bathtub said...

There's nothing fake here - it's footage of military aircraft on exercises in an area well-known for precisely that. Everything that's claimed to be wrong - the military 'wouldn't be out at this time of night', the lights wouldn't flash if they were military craft etc - confirms that nothing at all odd is happening.
The 'fake planes' stuff is total BS in my opinion. This guy's footage, like that of Alison Kruse and other fake planers, plainly shows real aircraft doing real-aircrafty type things. I don't see the point in believing otherwise, but each to their own.

Anonymous said...

^ 100%

People are way too quick to accept these ridiculous theories...

Including every single crop formation...

Anonymous said...

3 AMAZING UFO'S - 2nd one is a fake plane close-up - it has rows of wings that change size and shape or just vanish

The Real Deal - Military sightings / real ufo videos


Peace xox

Anonymous said...

UFO fake-plane - hologram failure
Con trails are made by hot engines hitting cold air and making vapour - but the vapour from this plane isn't coming from it's engines - there are 3 bright lights around it in a triangle formation which is probably the actual shape of the craft projecting the hologram

Aliens exist says Buzz Aldrin

Lisa B. said...

Ok, Sir, I just had this happen to me in Seattle, WA, 6/30/13 and I said the same thing...millitary planes don't fly this late at night or over this part of Seattle. I was sitting in my backyard having a menthol cig and my dog was looking up at what I thought were the lights of a plane in the sky, flying east to west. I thought, "he never looks up at the sky...what's up?" so I looked up and watched the lights of a, white flashing in a normal pattern... moving towards the west...then it got kinda of blurry and then I realized that next to it was a very bright orb/light...they blended together in the span of about 5 seconds and then it was gone. The sky is clear...there is a heat wave going on over the PNW with no clouds..I was waiting for the plane to reappear and it didn't. Weird. Not something I've ever seen. I just saw your Lisa B.

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