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Prometheus Movie Message - Aliens Created Human DNA

I just watched the long awaited movie Prometheus, designed to explain the beginnings of the first Aliens film that Sigourney Weaver starred in as Ripley, in 1979.

Set around 30 years before the Aliens movie, Prometheus begins with archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (from the girl with Dragon Tattoo) saying after a recent discovery "I think they want us to come and find them".  This propels the humans to travel to a distant planet... but what they discover there is not what they expected to find.

I don't want to go into all the details as some readers may have yet to see it, but I couldn't help but feel that the movie conveyed a sense of evolution in disclosure being taught to the public through Hollywood, basically taking us to the next level of understanding - that aliens created the human race. The movie also leaves many thinking about the deeper subject - Who is our 'maker' and our Creator? When this truth is revealed, does it destroy our faith in God?

It's these questions and the confirmation of alien existence, that many within government and religious organizations fear would de-stabilize the fabric of society. It is one of the reasons why the Vatican has commissioned numerous investigations pondering the existence of alien life and why the Vatican affirmed in 2010 that "Aliens (if discovered) are still the creation and brothers of God". Still today many question the motivation behind this preemptive statement.

When an alien civilisation is left to evolve over millions of years and perfect its technology to the point it can conquer time and the laws of the Universe itself, the manipulation or creation of life is a simple feat.

It reminds me of the analogy of a child looking after an ant farm - are the ants aware of the child or are the ants too busy to care to see that the child looking in and could destroy them at any minute? If the child simply watches over the ants and protects them for a long time does this not mean one day he could simply decide to destroy them? The core question and explanation we are posed with in the movie, is that one who create can also destroy...

The fact is that many within the UFO community oppose this view simply by the fact that if they  (ET's) wanted to destroy us that they would have done so by now.  It is a valid argument and there is evidence that UFOs have been disabling our nukes, hovering over near Earth asteroids, volcanoes and monitoring us for thousands of years. Surely this means their intentions are not malevolent? Some disagree, sighting the ongoing abduction phenomena.

The movie is also not far off the long held belief of some in the UFO community, that humans have been created by aliens or our DNA has and is still being manipulated to some extent. With the long history of abductions, cow mutilations, finds such as the star child and the mystery surrounding the extra information currently found in human DNA it's easy to see why.

If you think about it, movies like this are an essential way to educate and make the public familiar with a controversial topic, evolving their understanding over the years so they are prepared for the inevitable and therefore don't panic when it occurs. Instilling fear of an imminent invasion of a hostile alien race does seem to be the agenda of Hollywood at present, this fear based agenda is what many if the UFO community are concerned about.

I would appreciate your comments and feedback on this post and also if you have seen it - your take on the message the movie seems to convey.
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Anonymous said...

I liked the approach taken in the movie, you can begin to see a new path beginning in the story. I could see a really great movie unfolding from following the 'creators' and how the aliens destroyed them on the planet on which humans arrived in this film. I could see a lot of influence from the ancient aliens series coming into this flick too.

Anonymous said...

Spoilers? What the hell...

Anonymous said...

The deeper you go into this subject you begin to realize that maybe this entire planet and its inhabitants is one giant laboratory for very highly progressed creatures that master the universe, have amazingly advanced knowledge of it and fly around it like fish in the ocean.
“Humans” in the past, who had no inkling of where they were (on a ball in the middle of nowhere?) saw the creator aliens that once interacted more closely with us, as gods that came from the sky (what else could they be to undeveloped minds).
Today progressive people know that these aliens (whoever and whatever they are), are not deities (but flesh & blood with maybe extra “ingredients”..). The story of our planet and our existence is much more interesting and mind boggling than the cute stories we have been telling ourselves for the past thousands of years, and in my opinion, they did not just turn up here by pure chance and discover this planet; they are the ones who brought life to it and have been manipulating it and observing their creations ever since. We are the ones stranded here, not them… :-) ; but we’re sooooo cute…

Anonymous said...

That really could be the case. I've heard there were still a lot of missing links in human evolution. And that in the past there were different human species living along simultaneously.

There is video on youtube about evolving and evolution.

It's called:
Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species?

It is interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

So now,...its beeing said that Aliens created the human race, and yet, in the christian world of teachings,from the Bible & so on!? it is taught,that "GOD" CREATED ALL THINGS!! including the human race, & for man to adore "NO other GOD", but the one true GOD, the creator of all things! for "HE" is a jealous GOD!...and so on !!

This has been my teaching, as well!
but I would like to ask all CHRISTIANS & EVERYONE! to consider this!?.....your GOD! still is your GOD,and will always remain your GOD, THAT! is to never change!!for everyone.

What DOES change,is your "CONCEPT" of WHO your loving GOD is, and where he comes from.In all my time with christianity,I've not heard much about this,other than GOD resides in Heaven!Where is Heaven?
Up there,right!? well up there,is out there, & out there is the UNIVERSE, in all of its GLORIOUS display!!??

Now ask yourself this, if its all out in the UNIVERSE as GLORIOUS as GOD & the UNIVERSE is,then is it
possible, that GOD could be seen in the right light,as being said to be: Extraterrestrial!! [Lucifer]as well! in all sense of the definition.So you see there is NO NEED,for a conflicting disapproval only for the understanding of the concept, meaning one and the same thing in essnce.

If we were to bring,Ancient Aliens
& Ancient Civilizations,"together" with "Christianity" would this bring a clearer picture, of where
we've come from, & what we should
not be my opinion!?

David C. said...

Another far fetched hollywood hyped ridiculous alien movie, sure to be a money maker for hollywood, if you like monster movies.

Anonymous said...

What if religion was just a comfortable way for humans to conceptualize the idea of aliens? God this n god that. Funny to see the government's point of view.

Oscar Ballard said...

Found the movie entertaining, as that is what it's meant to be. I'm a believer in God the creator and feel many of our visitors are benevolent kin but am also convinced there are a number who are not benevolent and there is history to prove it. The human race (as we know it) has spent it's history trying to understand, make sense of our existence. Hollywood takes advantage of this curiosity and uses their access to the masses to educate, entertain and in many cases warn, endoctrinate and spread government propaganda about the inevitable meeting (on a grand scale) of our two or more civilizations. I like many,if not most others visiting this and other UFO/Alien sites realize the incredible increase in sightings/contacts is by design, the only question, WHY, to which I'm reminded "More will be revealed" assuming I and the Human species collectively become ready for the big announcement. Which will likely have to be in the landing and/or invasion of D.C. or other large Metro areas, making it impossible to continue the denial of the existence of other intelligent life forms! Discloosure is at hand and I predict shortly after the next U.S. Presidential election we will be informed to a lesser degree that we're not alone. I base this upon the cute little comments from Obama when asked of late about Roswell, Aliens/UFO's etc... and from the number of important in the know figures coming out, so to speak.

catherine said...

I believe if god created ALL things,then he created the alien race also!just as there are MANY animal species,MANY insect species,MANY plant species,so are there MANY human & alien just makes sense......

Anonymous said...


Yes, EXACTLY!!..A comfortable way for Humans to conceptualize the idea of Aliens! but as GOD & Jesus!!

Considering, when the Bible was written,in their time period, by scholars gathering up the history of Jesus teachings, and the reading of his philosophy,of his Father in Heaven, GOD! was Jesus & GOD, on the SCOLARS minds and "NOT" EXTRATERRESTRIAL!! What would they have known, about such things? in that time period!? but little did they know, as it was then, that;...that was exactly what they were referring to, with out even knowing about it! "EXTRATERRESTRIAL" Just my point!

Anonymous said...

Its a given!! that if GOD created ALL things,then he created the Alien race! throughout the Universe...It is said,that GOD is a "SUPREME BEING!" and can be, as EXTRATERRESTRIAL!! in definition.

In the Bible it says; "GOD IS!" and always has been! Wow! so how
do you answer this? well,you can't
anymore than you can answer the:

"BIG BANG" Theory! that he must have been behind,in other words!


There is a thought!?if you are
traveling through time,INFINITELY! you could say,I am and have always been..."A TIME LORD"

It could be said,that a "Dimension"
is just another, "time & place"

Before the BIG BANG??:)...........?

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's back away for a second - this wall is getting a bit megalomaniacal for the rest of us... the media has always presented aliens/ufo's in books, movies and tv shows. This is nothing new. War of the Worlds by HG Wells, Buck Rogers, Lost in Space, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey...every generation has their own lore they look to. Ours just happens to be more dense and theoretical, because fans of the genre can handle that this day in age. Hey Bible People - if God is so good then why does he say that women who are victims of rape and find themselves with child must marry their rapist? It says so in Deutoronomy, look it up. That's seriously messed up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11.53pm.


[Woman who are victims of rape,and find themselves with child must marry their rapist]

Why does GOD get the blame, for negative acts of mankind,when it was HE in the first place, whom handed down the ten commandments
"Thou shalt NOT!!!!!!!"

REMEMBER!? Lucifer,the Devil!
is at work here!..GODs ENEMY!!

GOD never wrote the Bible!
MAN DID!...{Scholars}???...right?

Man can put the blame where he will, but cannot fool himself, or his GOD!

We know the moral differences between "right & rong" & its WE! who choose our path...........

If there is a serious mess up,then it is MAN! who messed up, NOT GOD!!
and many; of man, has died, because of it,just look at war.....

Anonymous said...

"God" is just the entity, or the phenomenon, that created the universe and life. The Bible has been created and embellished by humans, though I don't deny real stories might have happened. Maybe "Jesus" is an ET.

But I would like to ask an opened question: Do you really think there is only one universe? There are billions of galaxies, so why not universes? Life would be a sort of a "russian nesting doll", that'll never end.

I hope someday we'll have an answer!

Anonymous said...

Do I think there is only one universe?....

I think THIS, universe is infitite!
with endless galaxies.........
HUMONGOUS! wouldn't be big enough!

More than one UNIVERS????

Well, try the other side!!
Multi-Dimensional UNIVERS!???

I can't help but think, this is where our GOD resides, in heaven!

You might ask your self,what was the "Dimensional environment" BEFORE,the BIG BANG!..GOD knows!:)
I don' tries to answer it...I just don't buy it,but don't give up guys!just give something we can get our head around!?
They don't really know,but would like us, to take it on board:)
No! no! & NO!!

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