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Link Between UFOs & Nuclear Weapon Bases - Coast to Coast AM

The link between UFO incidents and nuclear bases and installations is one of the most important topics in Ufology. Many believe it was the cause of the 1947 Roswell incident with the missile test base in nearby White Sands New Mexico, attracting UFO attention. Most people are also unaware that, at the time of the incident, Roswell Army Airfield was home to the world's only atomic bomber squadron, the 509th Bomb Group. 
There is also a strong link to modern UFO events such as the famous 1980 RAF Bentwaters Rendlesham incident (UK's version of Roswell - the base was long known as a secret US European outpost with nuclear weapons). Numerous military staff have come forward over the last decade confessing that yes, UFOs have deactivated and even destroyed nuclear weapons and that UFOs are attracted to bases containing nukes.
Many consider this to be the central and likely reason for secrecy on the UFO subject - that our most powerful and destructive weapons can be deactivated by a force more powerful than ourselves. This theory ultimately renders mankind and the governments there to protect them, powerless. Of course no government would say publicly that UFOs have deactivated their nukes, any admission to this would be a confession that they ultimately have no way to protect their citizens.  Of course, there is an additional national security concern which is that a functional nuclear missile base is an essential strategic deterrent against rogue nations.
This is further discussed on Coast to Coast AM :
 I recommend you listen to this entire feature over the weekend:

UFO researcher Robert Hastings discussed declassified documents, as well as witness testimony that confirms UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites, weapons laboratories, and bomb test sites. UFO activity accelerated after WWII, around the time that the testing and deploying of nuclear weapons began in America. Initially, the premise was that the unidentified craft were Soviet devices, though Hastings became convinced "we're dealing with multiple races from multiple worlds." 
 He said he's had contact with over 100 military employees who knew of UFO activity that occurred when they worked at various facilities between 1964 and 1996. There was an incident at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 where a large red disc-shaped object was seen over the missile area, and all 10 missiles simultaneously went offline.
 The guidance and control systems were affected, and the hardware had to be replaced, he detailed. This technological display of shutting off the missiles seemed to be sending a message or "wagging a finger," he commented. Conversely, missiles suddenly went into launch mode at Minot AFB when a bright object was seen over the launch site. A similar episode in Soviet Ukraine occurred in October 1982, when missiles were suddenly activated at an ICBM base while a saucer-shaped object was observed nearby. 
A 1964 test of a nuclear missile sent across the Pacific Ocean was said to be thwarted in progress by a UFO, and the incident was purportedly captured on film. 
For more, see Hasting's 'Big Sur' report (PDF file). 
More in this Highly recommended Book:
UFOs and Nukes
Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
By Robert Hastings
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Anonymous said...

Looking at "planet Earth" from out in space, a most BEAUTIFUL BLUE JEWEL, with clouds in the haze of its atmophere...our home.....

and we want to NUKE IT ???...MAD!

Its like we live with a nuclear sidearm; nuke me! I'll nuke you! while others are thinking DAM!
there goes trade! WHO'S NEXT???
and its all on to: THE END.
All it needs,is "ONE NUKE!!!" and every one is upset.

Do we really need to live under this nuclear umbrella for PEACE!??

Where would this end? everyone armed to the teeth!! All it takes is for one MISTAKE! and some nerve
some where, twitch the rong way
Kiss your arrrrrsss goodby!

BUT! Wait a minute!?....ET. LIVES HERE AS WELL!?

Others visiting this BEAUTIFUL BLUE JEWEL! "the nuclear zoo" on the brink of what ever!?:[ IT has to be seen,that this is NOT the way, and MUST STOP!!

IT IS! in ETs interest to stop this
MADNESS...THEY ARE HERE ON EARTH NOW!!! underwater! underground! &
in amongst us,visiting us,and THEY don't want to be NUKED either! OR see the array of life, fauna! and flora! destroyed by some uncaring twitch of a nerve, who's only political motivation in defence,is to exterminate the threat, in the name of peace! When in effect, its compleat destruction, "triggered" by just, ONE NUKE!...THE END.......

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