Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazing Triangle UFO Over Bristol, UK: 28/07/2012

Filmed on the 28th July, new UFO video showing a triangular object over Bristol in the UK.  Appreciate all your comments and feedback on this report. Could it just possibly be an LED kite?
If anyone from Bristol can confirm this sighting, please reply to this post ASAP.

Posters comments:
Me and my friends caught this amazing triangle shaped UFO craft hovering in the sky above our city Bristol in United Kingdom. It was a Friday night (July 28 2012) around 1.30 am - so actually it was already a Saturday. It was silent, no sound at all, we all freaked out a little bit. The strangest part is, we couldn't see the sky thru this object, it was solid and very huge and it was hovering for a while, then it just vanished - just like that.
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Nick DK said...

RC craft or whatever these small airplanes are called.
Looks pretty faked 2 me.

Anonymous said...

why even publish this when its obviously Chinese lanterns, you're making this site a joke!

Anonymous said...

IF?...these are:) obviously Chinese Lanterns,then they must be
Tethered together,for the Triangle
shape!..a Triangle frame, with the
lanterns on each corner maybe!? or
we're rong, and its the real deal!
Earth made!!?....looks interesting though!?

You've got to be suspicious though
because, for someone to go to all that trouble,of attaching lanterns
to the tree corners of a Triangle
so that we might think its a ufo.
leaves me...not going to say it....

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