Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Florida On UFO Alert! Lights Over Dunedin, Florida: 11/8/12

Calling out to all the residents of Florida! Just what is this craft that everyone has been reporting? Have you seen it?
Please let us know by posting your reply ASAP.  This craft is being reported by many in Florida. MUFON has been swamped by UFO reports this week from cities in Florida such as Lakeland, Dunedin, Odessa and Orlando. Some are reporting it looks like a cloaked triangle ship with orbs nearby!
RealUfos wants all our Florida USA readers to keep your eyes open and cameras aimed to the skies because something is up folks! We want to hear from anyone who witnessed similar lights in the last few days, and if they look like more than Lanterns to you? Many emails coming in saying that they were not Lanterns, but in fact was a large triangle craft with fast blinking lights on the corners.
This UFO was seen over Dunedin, Florida 11th August 2012:

Mufon report Boomerang with a wingman a tethered craft being towed and ejecting Orbs over Clearwater.
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Anonymous said...

and we see -- nothing

Anonymous said...

Wow, shaky video... does the shooter have palsy or what?

Anonymous said...

What was the noise in the background? And yes very shaky

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