Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modern Day Foo Fighters - UFO Orbs That Follow Planes

Foo Fighters - the term given by WWII pilots to describe the small Orbs that were known to follow and trail their aircraft, read more about them here.
Also just to clear it up for the newbies, the popular music band headed by Dave Grohl based the name of their group the Foo Fighters on this phenomenon.
Foo Fighters are still not a thing of the past as they still occur today, as seen in the below video:
Posters comments: This sequence shows a Boeing followed by a plate which is then divided into two parts, one part'' paste'' to the tail of the plane, and the other is above as controlling everything. This behavior may be because the plane had some kind of failure there and the UFO repaired the damage. The images were taken in Burst mode'' so'' in the first image that UFO aplatillado sole dark, then the two apart, and the last shot shows that disappear completely. This happens in just 3 seconds
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