Thursday, August 16, 2012

Large Triangle UFO Ovni - Maua ao Paulo, Brazil: 14/05/2011

If you view this footage in fullscreen, you will see the Triangle UFO outline:
Posters comments: I was in my home around 21.43 hrs, date 05.14.2011 wiping the lens of my camera, When a friend arrived at my house and called me. I talk to hin hin and was talking to, was when i Noticed Several lights on the horizon and Decided to give a better film to see close to what it was because I did not see it from afar and my sight dim. It was where I saw a fleet of UFOs in formation appeared to be giant HAD more or less five glowing orbs. I'm not a ufologist, and Neither have the resources to analyze the objects, the more you Spend any kind of filter on the footage, Can you observe more objects. This footage was recorded on the border of the city of Santo Andre with City of Maud, the objects in the footage was located in Maua - Sao Paulo Brazil This video has never been Analyzed and is available for Those Who want to analyze
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Anonymous said...

Nope... No you cannot.

Add these "triangular craft" to the crop circle folder...

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