Friday, August 17, 2012

UFO Hovers Above Lake Erie: 08/08/2012

Lake Erie, a long known UFO hotspot, had a great sighting again on the 8th August:
Please view this in fullscreen.

Posters comments:
UFO caught hovering and possibly meeting over Lake Erie. Lake Erie runs along Cleveland, OH, Erie PA & Ontario Canada.
We would love to hear from anyone who has been to lake Erie and seen a Ufo.
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Nell186 said...

That is amazing! It looks real! Would have been scarey!

Anonymous said...

Wow alien will take the earth on 2012 being come true,,,, !_!,,,

Dave said...

We live in North Perry by the Perry Nuclear Power plant, off of Antioch Rd. We see them on a frequent basis. This video is real.

Nell186 said...

Wish i lived there! Saw ufo's when a child,not to many now!
Keep posting the videos! Please :)

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