Saturday, February 23, 2013

UFO Craft Witnessed! Longview, Texas: 20/02/13

Filmed 20th Feb 2013 this UFO video comes in from Longview, Texas:

Filmers comments:
After filming the common I see one by luck light up the sky. I start filming and chase it to try and catch it lighting up agian.
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Cuervobrillante said...

When I see that particular rythmic flash sequence of light, I am sorry to say, I can only think of commercial planes in flight. I don't think ETs in UFOs need to emulate our technologies at all.- And I don't think they need to masquerade as if they are one of us either!

Luvoz said...

It's clearly an aircraft

Anonymous said...

It is not clear to ME,that this is an aircraft at all!!:)

I would think that most of us have
seen aircraft with pulsing lights at night, of one kind or another,
Since we were knee high to a grasshopper! so why would the cameraman think this, be something different to what he is used to seeing at night??? if anyone would know, the cameraman would! He chose to shoot this sighting, for a reason, thats different from what he is used to seeing!?...Why would someone exhibit so much excitement,in lights in the night sky,if they thought it was an aircraft!?.....?

At one point in this video,you could see a light shoot up to the other, so what was going on here?

Strobe lighting is from aircraft! we all know this! BUT WHAT IF!?

Strobe lighting is misconstrued on
some sightings,especially if those lights are doing strange things,
which is what I think caught this camaramans attention.Now I'm not saying,this isn't an aircraft,I'm saying,..IT'S NOT CLEAR!!!...?

And how could this be,for anyone!?
given the consideration,as above.

In the video,all WE see,are lights!
and that is all WE see!!

I showed a friend one time, a video
of what was said to be,a UFO. seen on a hillside,..he said!

Nooooooo!?its a carrr! a vehicle!:)

I don't know,it could have been!?
So how can you know,..just looking at lights?..Well of cause,you need
more data, for a more informed
opinion,but even then! that isn't
going to make it a fact,necessarily
just an opinion!?

Just consider this for a minute!

If ETs wanted to observe something
of interest to them, in our sky, what better way than to MASQUERADE
as one of ours,..therefore less chance of being noticed!?

If you think its just one of our aircraft you'll take no more notice,which is exactly what they know you will do!! So, can we be fooled?...YES!

Remember this!...they have the technology,surpassing our OWN, of that which we understand and are familiar with!..They are the masters, when it comes to CLOAKING:

"Invisibility" Hiding in a cloud or making their own, MORPHING into
disguise, to Masquerade unnoticed.

Allowing them to be anywhere they
wish to be,without disturbing the
residents of that area....

Oooh! just a plane!:)...OR IS IT?

An illusion to what is actually there!?!...The government say
there is No evidence of UFO.

So what the hell are we all seeing?
can't all be rong!? but in videos!?
just lights!! it can NOT be determined, because of the poor quality, of viewing the video.Some aren't!? but most are!!

So when it comes to seeing lights in a video, that could be just a vehicle on the hillside,then its only speculation that we can comment on,but the cameraman will know! if not! why is he or she shooting it??..I know there is something BIG going on,but NOT with
every darn shot that is taken, in there thousands by now, I would expect!?

We need CLEAR and PRECISE photos of
this truth! and NO ONE! but NO ONE!
is able to send in a genuine clear up to date shot, of a Ufo. as you would photograph a jumbo jet,for example, flying overhead.

That would make our day!!

We can believe in lights! lol
they're every where!

But can we believe in a clear photo,unquestionably!?Probable not!
Someone will call it a CGI.So how do we know, that all these lights
aren't CGI's.Well we don't do we!?
Do we???...So we go with the flow,
as it were,until something impresses us.The stories in Ufology
have made an impression on me,more
than todays sightings have,because
some sightings today,are just so unbelievable and could be anything
& everything in the thousands of sightings seen...Yawn!

But not all sightings,and how do you determine those?..that is the question, for all of us I think.

My take on this,would start with
CLEAR & REPUTABLE photos, for a start!! NOT just lights that could be anything,but a clear photo that
speaks for itself,that would be helpful for everyone.That would be a great start for overcoming DOUBT!
or SKEPTICISM for those whom, have not seen yet!!.................

Luvoz said...

You would think they would just turn the lights out when flying low, not try to disguise. Dunno. Just seems more logical.

Anonymous said...

Some...sightings, are no lights at all! just a black disc seen,which
makes me think that maybe there is more, to the lights,than we think,
when we do see them!

Thinking about it!? there are Beam lights,for searching, Sensor lights
for detection, Teleportation Technology:) and I tend to think,
some of the lights seen, could be from the working order of energy, in the crafts mobility to maneuver!

It must be remembered...its been said,there are 57 different species
documented,and no doubt, more than
that number, out there. Four of those groups,its said!? visit earth
on a regular basis.

Considering, the large number of species,the technology must vary from one another,as differently as
from earths technology,just to add to it!? Most of the sightings, I think..are from earth!?..back engineered! if you like!? when
it comes to: WHY LIGHTS? the reason
must vary according to ETs
technology..or..Earths tech:

When we have a sighting of ufo.we
tend to think they are occupied craft,when they, may NOT be!? they
might be drones,with artificial
intellegence, SOME!?.."Other craft"
maybe, waaaaay beyond in technology
and the so called CRAFT,is seen as
PURE ENERGY in its extreme form of
lighting...SUPREME BEINGS!!!

God is a SUPREME BEING!! but we will leave it at that for now,in my
opinion! It IS,a mix of lights and
logic:)and we are only the children
of this planet,who have JUST found
the MATCHES!...compared to what is really out there,waiting for us to see the light..................

Anonymous said...

Maybe, SOME!? intend to be seen,to
avoid a midair collision, but masquerade as another,to avoid being noticed as ufo....SOME.....

Anonymous said...

I could definitely hear a helicopter in the background while you were talking at the end of the video. I live close to an Air Force Base and what you saw is what I see every night, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe alien crafts decided to add strobe lights for the same reason of humans use them. They got tired of being run

Anonymous said...

Maybe they got tired of getting run into in the dark! I'm always hearing about near misses with UFOs from Pilots.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! well there ya go! can you
imagine,as they pass, alien going one way & pilot the other, as they both think...


Alien switches strobe lights on:)

Yeah! we've heard pilots talk of near miss'es,and that must be a bit
freaky for them!?

Extreme speeds HEAD ON, leaves only

Anonymous said...

Human error!..has always been with
us,and will continue to be so! Its a "NORMAL" process of discovering, until learnt!?...and get it right!!

Remember?..the earth was once flat...:)

But when someone; knows what they saw,beyond a shadow of doubt,we need to pay attention!!!...........

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