Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UFO news - video in from Tomball Texas

Any readers also see UFOs in Tomball Texas recently - please reply to this post if you have Video of the UFo sighting:

My adult son and his friend were outside in front of the house when they saw a very large triangular craft in the sky. At first only two very bright orange lights were visable. Soon after, there were three and they realized the craft was tumbling. They followed it in the car for about a mile before it went out of sight. It was traveling northeast from Tomball TX at 9:20 pm. on 11/08/13. They took video on an I Phone. This was seen by many people in the subdevision. We live in the flight path of IAH and are familiar with plane traffic. This was not an airplane. It was approx. 600 ft and about as tall as a 747, dark in color. (Editor's Note: This is very interesting because it shows how the sighting of objects in the sky can be seen in different ways. In a couple of the video's comments, it is stated that these were three parachutists landing at a high school football game to celebrate Veteran's Day. However, another witness who had just came out of a movie, saw the objects and says they were nowhere near the football field. He says that sat motionless for a time, an impossible feat for parachutes
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Anonymous said...

Back in 1998 I had seen this long object moving very slow across the sky off of hwy 249 in Tomball. It was around 6pm and at first it moved very slow but then it just took off and was gone. It wasn't a plane but was a long cigar shaped object. It was preety high in altitude and was still huge in shape. To this day.....I still don't know what I had seen.

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