Friday, January 04, 2008

SETI now 500 times more powerful - but how truthful?

Although SETI has come under heavy criticism from those within the UFO community for possibly holding back ufo related info the fact is that they are still the most heavily funded group out there and thus the most accepted amoung the scientific community.

Now they are appealing for more help to revitalise their quest to find ET.

The new appeal for spare time on home PCs has come from astronomers involved in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (Seti), who are being flooded with new data from the world's largest radio telescope, based in Puerto Rico.

New and more sensitive receivers fitted to the giant telescope are generating 500 times more Seti data than they were before. The information amounts to 300 gigabytes per day, or 100,000 gigabytes per year - about the same amount of data stored in the US Library of Congress.

Project chief scientist Professor Dan Werthimer said: "The next generation SETI@home software is 500 times more powerful then anything anyone has done before. That means we are 500 times more likely to find ET than with the original SETI@home."
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Anonymous said...

SETI searching for signals is like searching the ocean for one particular shell-- in other words, the odds are astronomical that they could ever detect a signal unless it was aimed directly at Earth AND amplified beyond all imagination. SETI is a Colossal waste of money and resources. I would much rather the money go to MUFON or some other group.

Anonymous said...

SETI = Silly Effort To Investigate

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