Monday, February 04, 2008

Gov't retired officials confess what they know about Ufos

ufo files always interesting:
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. The films made are excellent.
Any Alien doubter will have the following questions:
1. If these Visitors from outer space have been frequenting for so long [centuries], why have they not made some positive contacts? Nobody knows.
2. If they have been coming so very frequently --five, six, 10 ships at a time, they must be a rich civilization indeed!! They come, all right. But why do they run away, shy away, suddenly--coming all the way, and disappearing just because some human saw them? Nobody knows.

3. If they come so frequently, and want to hide themselves, why do they switch on lights at the bottom of their crafts, as some human witnesses say they see? Nobody knows.

4.If, on the contrary, these are nothing but US military aircrafts as the video says, running test launches, the question arises: Why lights , and why fly in civilian areas, if the Army wants secrecy? Again, nobody knows.

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