Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 14 Ufo Update from Blossom Goodchild

The lady who channelled the October 14 Ufo predictions, Blossom Goodchild clarifies FACTS regarding the event:
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Anonymous said...

It must be true they have started marking out the landing site, looks like a photo from a spy plane? (second photo up from the bottom)

Gary P said...

hmmm... I hope she's right. But if they do come... well, we shall see.

What do you think Matt - it's claypaff asking :-)

Troxxin said...

I don’t mean to sound rude, but when did the whole UFO community go bonkers? Does anyone else remember the time when we were just trying to find out what is going on; aliens or secret aircraft(as if that’s not crazy enough)? I like a lot of you saw something unexplained and would like to know what the heck it was and this stuff is not helping. Every time I try to talk to someone about UFOs they laugh at me because people like this Goodchild are going around saying that the aliens and are coming but don’t worry they love us; and the only evidence she has to offer is the voices in her head!

I give this about one in a billion to the power of a billion chance of actually happening, but let’s assume for the moment that it will.

Aliens with vastly superior technology are going to show up kick out ELECTED officials that they disagree with, implement a puppet government, force us to give up our culture and embrace there’s…….but its ok because they love us and are doing it for our own good. Sounds more like social commentary than an actual event.

The fact is no one is going to come out of the clouds and save us; we as always are going to have to find a way to work together to save ourselves.

Robert said...

just can't buy into this idea! But stranger things have happened i suppose.

Anonymous said...

This is project blue book in full effect !

Anonymous said...

This sounds like project blue book ?

Chris said...

she should be right about this annucment if shes no she is puting her bussnies at risk at big risk her sales would go down after october 14th+webbot is predicting something big to happen in october aswell. And what do we know about webbot? Webbot have predicted many many earthquakes, Tsunami, september 11 2001 and many more.
time will tell my friends

Anonymous said...

I belive in UFO, but this type of
people like Blossom, Alex Collier,
Bob Lazar etc. claiming incredible thing are redicolising the UFO
comunity. They are NUTS !

Listen instead to Nick Pope, he says UFO exist, we don't know who
they are, the break air spaces at
will, this is dangerous.

The US miltary certanly knows more about UFO, and there is a cover up,
we all hope the true will be released soon.

Anonymous said...

Amen, troxxin. It's hard enough to get folks to take you seriously concerning ufo's/et's without this kind of nonsense. If it turns out to be true (I doubt it) then okay. Fine. But if it doesn't pan out, we'll all be facing a bigfoot in a freezer and our credibility will take a major hit.

Anonymous said...

Who needs em? After all we've become so punch drunk by em we do their job for them now.Whats wrong with simply replying to this post with a comment that directly relates to the subject in question leaving out skepticism etc.
My own personal view on this is if true,and the event does actually take place,let it be a positive experience for mankind.

Neurotoxicum said...

They are not going to kick out anyone, they're just showing up, drifting around for a bit spreading love as they say and leave, thats all. That shall help us to ascend from the 3rd dimention... so thats all - not a sindgle word about kicking...

We can welcome them in love eiter way... if the come as they say in love... okay love them, If they are hostile... okay there would be nothing we could do anyway so just LOVE!

Hope it happens

Anonymous said...

Be opened minded... They don't claim that they are gods. They come in love. Also they say once we see them we will feel there love. I don't know if its real or not but Blossom Goodchild is putting her credability and her life work on the line. Here is my thought on this October 14th... If it turns out to be a hoax, well at least it made me think in a more positive way. For some reason, I feel this is going to manifest. I can't explain it. Overall i believe this world of ours is a need for a better good. We only have 12 more days, lets wait and see truth or hoax. By the way i find the date they are suppose to show up to be ironic. 10-14-2008=2012

Charles said...

I want say that troxxin here has a good point. This UFO, USO, strange phenomenon and everything takes a huge detrimental hit every time we get around to someone saying stuff like this. "I channeled something from the Ashtar Command" or whatever new and rather disturbing name they come up with next. I went to college for history and am more than convinced in the belief of some now gone advanced civilization before us. There's more than enough archaeological evidence to support it. Using names like Ashtar, an ancient god, to estiblish a name for these beings goes way into destroying any chance of giving people doing research to prove the case for a past advanced civilization before this one and so on. Also, to use a name like Ashtar to define a being of "love?" Seriously, that is just scary! Ashdar, notice D in place of the T was the original name for this deity and was a GODDESS. Then through the patriarchal rape and eradication of the Goddess aspect sweeping through all societies at this time we get Ashtar. So, the lovely nurturing earth goddess becomes the destructive raping, murdering patriarchal deity that repeats itself across society and remains present today through the current Islamic, Christian, and Jewish dogmas with a growing taint of this perversion present in the Hindu and Sikhs as well. So, even saying this is real you can be fairly certain that this "Ashtar" person or group are NOT very good, caring, or honest beings. Let's also consider that for the last 16,000 years of human history we've basically existing in a persisting dark age without any notable expansive progress until the last century. It is still not certain what caused this alteration in human development. However, it seems more of a chanced alteration than any intentional development with the exceptions of the French Revolution, the American Constitution, and Women's Rights and subsequent successes: the full achievement of these has still yet to be witnessed. The full abolishment of slave trade has also not yet occurred with racial and gender suppression also still amid the worst of global issues. All this having developed from a few powerful nations who transplanted their cultures into others through more exposure than anything else. The UFO phenomenon, while fairly persistent through out all of earth history has increased in frequency ever since the detonation of the nuclear bomb. Any observer with any sense what so ever of the past and what has happened can easily recognize a few consistent details about our history. UFOs have been a consistent part of our history from all periods. As in sightings of something in the sky. Further supposed "contact" with beings other than ourselves has also been persistent. This has either been in the form of aliens, such as the Sumerian, Celtics, Greeks, and Egyptians, Japanese, Chinese, Hindu, and Vedas describe or as spiritual beings of some kind. Currently today, there is an apparent push for these two aspects to be mingled or merged into the same thing. With the exclusion of the Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, and Vedas... influences involving these "interactions", no culture has shown positive benefit as a result interaction with these races. Of all who showed positive benefit, only the Celts and Japanese proved to have experienced any continued interaction or improvements from it. All other cultures suffered a decline and eventual collapse. The Celts and Japanese cultures which has records of interaction had strong inclination toward peaceful conduct and were subsequently wiped out by the more ignorant, also consistently patriarchal cultures through war and extremely malevolent activities against them; malevolent activities on every level. There is one ET that has supposedly claimed to be Jesus himself. Jesus was no wise man either. A miraculous healer perhaps and compassion, but immensely ignorant. He chose to teach to a mass of people unimaginably dense and ignorant a faith with a male deity at its head whose activities include rape, murder, genocide, the encouragement of genocide, as well as one recorded attempt to wipe out most of the human race except for those he "saved" by informing them of what he was going to do ahead of time... yeah... this fellow now is supposedly back and is bantering on about a concept he very clearly has no concept about: LOVE. Abusive parents, partners, and people often tell their victims they love them too. All the while inflicting greater and greater suffering while saying it is all out of love or that while their acts seem terrible, its all for their benefit. Those who are evil are just honest. They do what they do because they enjoy it. Those who claim spiritual good will are often liars who get away with it because they have formed a very immense community of liars to back them up. So... are these ETs any different? Well, considering the list of cultures that have supposedly interacted with them... not very likely. Why? Well, anything that has come out of the Arabic Deserts has largely been unhealthy, destructive, dominantly patriarchal, suppressive, judgmental, and in general hostile to anything that does comply with its reasoning. This persists even today. Cultures that developed in Africa with any historical suggestions or records of interaction have also diminished so far as to resemble nothing of the cultures they came from and almost entirely resemble the very same tendencies as those of the Arabian Deserts. The Hindu and surrounding cultures including Tibet (as Tibet should be a country sovereign and is in all but human idiocy and barbarity) all have preserved something of the Vedic inclination. This was shared by the Celts and their languages are also similar; having origins in a sanskrit base. These preserved something of a more diversified equality between man and woman as well as the cultural histories and traditions. While the East Declined on its own from equality into patriarchy the Celts maintained this equality much later, finally experiencing its end with the exposure and final eradication of its culture by the Christians.
These "aliens" and the cultures they have influenced, by that culture's own historical records, have mostly been destructive to the development of decency, love, and equality. Most of the time their influenced cultures ericated the cultures that DID demonstrate such words and suggestions as "Love and Light". Further, with the exclusion of the Buddha and the Celtic deities, NONE of the cultures of earth or their supposedly "benevolent" (malevolent) deities hung around to HELP those bloody cultures they created. So, can we TRUST these ETs, supposing for a moment that they even give an honest damn... not likely. Can this supposition be back up? Sure, the above text gives a fair history of why and how. If we don't agree, read history. If you still don't agree, set down your beliefs and keep them set down till you are done reading history. Belief is just that while reality often is something far less optimistic or exclusionary. Now, if even if these ETs do show up? Will they actually HANG AROUND and HELP OUT WITH what they create or instill just from showing up; as well as what all goes on after word. So far their track record is about black as the heart of evil and less attentive. Also, if the legends around the world are accurate the "gods" caused that lovely great flood that screwed up our world so much. Yet, don't forget! That was all done out of love. Just like someone blowing up a school full of children in the name of Alah! Alah is love, God is love, one of the names for God is Alah so this guy blowing up school children must be some how must be bringing some aspect of god and therefore that love to us also. God and the reasoning surrounding the great flood also shows this same thinking. There's no substance of heart in any of this. Madness certainly, but not heart. This nutter mentality really has a vast persistence in our world. What's worse, the majority of our world's people keep this horribleness going. So, for everyone thinking this is going to be some kind of wondrous event, sure okay. A giant ship floating around for three days would certainly inspire some feelings of wonder. Personally I'd be entertained for about thirty seconds until some nut gets inspired to kill me and a bunch of people over it, or go dispatch himself with a revolve; probably in that order. If they made contact? So what? If they actually helped us out? Now that's where it gets interesting and I think if anyone is taking this seriously, their attention should be there?

What does these ETs think is helpful? What exactly do THEY consider is love? If we reflect upon the past again, we'll find those that talk about love and what they actually do... thorns in a rose bush people. Wake up a little bit. Stop hoping someone is going to fix all of this awful world and start doing it yourself. If you need some where to start here's a list. One in three women will be raped in their life time. That means someone you know already has been. Have you helped them? Have you ever cared to care at all? Try that. That will improve the world. How about this? Listen to a black man complaining about racism. They often sound angry. Listen to a women with a grade point average of 3.8 talking, all very depressed and frustrated, about how no one at the office listens to her as much as the idiot man with a grade point average of only 2.3. Both of these things are discrimination but because these matters don't affect you you don't even include these into considerations when you choose all of the things that will go on to contribute to tomorrow's world. And literally, for every day that you do nothing about that is ever day that some black person has to watch as they are put down for no reason and women are ignored out of sheer conditioned ignorance which by your paralysis from action, you promote. What world are YOU making? Here's another one... instead of asking what is wrong with whoever ask the question of what creates your reality and what reality do you want to have. Then try it getting it for awhile. Then... evaluate. By the way, seriously, to evaluate is like observing your values and then doing it again... that what the first E is for. It's like re but because it doesn't work as nicely in sound to our ears we use just the e of re. Try evaluating your existence. Consider that it is entirely unique to you. Consider that you CAN have everything you want. Evaluate as you get more and more of it whether or not that really was what you wanted or if really you just found something better. Trust me, with time you'll find alot more things that are better and still better than what came before that. Eventually, you'll find out that most of what you think is the most critically important things of all time are really rather trivial with others remain consistently so. In all of this though, you have to observe. Observe and admit what you have observed to yourself. Eventually you'll also have to to everyone else, but it's most important you admit to yourself what you have observed: in the world around you and about you as well. To observe yourself, sit still for a moment and do nothing. Then observe. Still will things occur but notice you have done nothing. Yet still there are occurrences. If you can do this you have just achieved what most buddhist monks apply their own lives to the achievement of (just for moments). And guess what? You are already doing it, and doing it all the time. This is called non-doing and the value of this, the practical every day utility is, that you can change your life in every way you ever wanted to through it. All it takes is observing without doing which is simply by observing. Sit with that awhile and then apply the wisdoms (observed uses) for your observations to all matters and in whatever manners you feel is conducive to you and those you care of (if you care about anyone). If you can do that... you will have improved more of the world than most anyone else can ever hope. I'll leave it up to you to decide how that is.

I apologize for the length of this but please, for anyone taking interest of this... get informed. If you feel you are informed, dig still more, observe as much as you can, see as many associations and relationships as possible. Really perceive the significance of something like this and also what you SHOULD be thinking about. I make no presumptions to know what you should be thinking about for you. I am making a plea. And I make one more. If there are ETs and they can read this, or those that talk to them can... here is something that I ask you to be doing. Talk TO us. This planet abounds in lies, deceptions, delusions, illusions, and suffering. If you really do care stop being vague, stop lurking around, show yourself, interact with us, and if you do HANG AROUND TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE CREATED THROUGH. Help it and us also if you are going to do that. Otherwise, there's no point in your coming here beyond some minor and largely insignificant impact.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they will take Dick Cheney back with them. Could Blossom ask them? It seems like such a good opportunity...

ALABAMA said...



ALABAMA said...

blossomgoodchild was channeling info. from the DEVIL FOLKS, WHAT AN IDIOT SHE IS. FRED SANFORD SAID 'YOU BIG DUMMY.' HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I hope that ,if they do appear, that our country will not take drastic measures to still keep us blind. If we see them our entire core of civilization will be shaken to the bone and I don't know how ignorant people will react

Think of Orson Well's radio broadcast "War of the Worlds"

Anonymous said...

I saw something strange in the sky today(about 10:15am) and I hadn't heard about this prediction beforehand. I live in Illinois just about a mile south of the Wisconsin border. I can't beleive others did not see it too. It was so obvious to me, unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was silver but not a plane or a helicopter or a balloon, and it travelled very slowly. I followed it for about 20 minutes or so.

Anonymous said...

to the dickhead who posted the supposed "spy plane picture", that must be THE biggest landrover in the world considering the craft is supposed to be 2000 miles long. If you are going to try to debunk something at least do some research about the subject matter. PRAT!!
Oh and its people like you that make the possibility of the truth comming out even more unlikely as you pour scorn on all of us who already know the truth, so ill say it again

Anonymous said...

Its October 15 and i haven't seen any ufo or ufos i hope that if ms goodchild is correct i might catch atleast a glimps of it i mean its like what a mile long???? i havent heard any reports but like they said its just the beginning and this may turn out to be an unsung event

then again who knows?

Anonymous said...

how di know this is true what can i base myself upon faith?

i have been doing that all my life

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